Smart Strategies to Advance Your Career for 2021 and Beyond

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There is always room to move forward with your career. That move might not always be up, and it doesn’t have to be. Instead, it would be best if you aimed to find new meaning and more fulfilment in whatever it is that you do. This fulfilment could be social, it could be in making the world a better place, or it could even be through financial gains. Regardless of how you want to improve on your career, use these smart strategies to see goals through in 2021 and beyond: 

Advance Your Career with a Masters 

If there is one way to qualify you for higher-level positions, especially in a role that you haven’t been working in before, it is with higher education. You can make a stand with this method, and today you don’t need to take time off or add on the stress of night school to your busy days. 

You could enroll in the competitive and valuable online Master of Public Health from a top university, for example, and finish it over two years, on a part-time basis. These types of degrees in public health have never been more important, which is why the job sector in the last year expanded by 22%. 

The best way to get the most value out of an online, part-time master’s is by choosing a degree in your field, but also one that would teach you skills in a role you want to work in, but don’t yet qualify. Find the perfect degree, and you can truly propel your career forward. 



The known factor is always a safer bet than the unknown factor. That is why companies hire internally, why references are so important, and most importantly, why you need to network. There are many ways to do this, and the easiest and most natural is to be online. Even on LinkedIn, just by engaging with others in your industry by commenting or messaging, you can become that “known” factor and enjoy new opportunities because of it. 



If you want to advance your career into a specific role or a new department, ask to shadow. Ask to learn. Ask to do a day at their office. Most large businesses encourage horizontal progression and offer this option to their employees as one of their benefits. 

The reasoning is simple. It allows entry-level employees to find where their passions are and where they work best. It’s ideal for you, and your employer. 


Create Opportunities 

If you have a great idea, pitch it. Make sure you email your supervisors and that you are given credit for that idea. Ask to be a part of the team or even to lead the project. Showing such initiative is a great way to advance your career. 


Build Your Own Personal Following 

Never underestimate the power of having an online audience. By working to create that audience in your niche, you can gain the attention of potential customers or clients, as well as employers. A successful website gives you options. You can use it in your resume when job hunting, or you can start to work for yourself as a consultant or even by taking on clients of your own. With this option, which can be done at any time, the future is yours. 


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