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A Practical Guide to Getting and Maintaining a Younger Appearing Skin


If there was a fountain of youth, I am pretty sure everyone would be in line to get a drink in their quest to ensure they stay looking young. 

However, there is a famous adage that states, “If wishes were horses, then beggars would ride on them.”

If your dream is to age gracefully like fine wine, then you’ll need to work towards it. Otherwise, it will forever be just a pipe dream for you. Your ageing won’t slow down just because you want it to – ageing is an inevitability, but you can slow down it’s appearance. 

There are certain environmental factors, such as sunlight, that play a major role in causing your body to age. The practical way to ensure that you get and maintain a younger-looking skin is to simply take care of your skin. 

Adopting a healthy balanced lifestyle will also play a vital role in guaranteeing that you age like fine wine.

This guide is here to enlighten you on tips and methods that you can use to help you feel and appear younger. 

3 Top Tips for Getting Young Looking Skin:

  • Develop and Implement a Cleansing, Toning, and Moisturizing Technique. Following these 3 steps is pivotal towards helping you get youthful-looking skin. 

Whether you are prepping to turn in for the night or are just waking up and are about to embark on your day-to-day activities, it is important that you observe a CTM procedure.

Before applying makeup and before bed, always remember to clean your face properly and use a good facial skin toner and moisturizer. This will help you get rid of sebum, dirt, and makeup helping you lessen dullness and breakouts. 

You could also try and use microcurrent facial therapy to help lower wrinkles and fine lines on your face, giving you that lovely youthful appearance that you have always dreamt about.

  • Buy Skin Products that Have Anti-Aging Elements. Did you know that Collagen and Retinoid based products are the secrets to helping your skin look youthful? 

Skincare products that have Retinoid as one of their ingredients assist your skin to have fewer wrinkles and finer lines, while at the same time improving the rate at which collagen is produced. 

Nonetheless, when choosing to start using retinoid creams, it may be wise to seek the advice of a dermatologist, as retinol creams are often quite powerful. 

Always remember to apply the creams down to your neck area to get their full benefit.

  • Put on Sunscreen. It’s great to go out and bask in the sun, but continually exposing your skin to the sun’s UV rays can impact its appearance dramatically. 

Ultraviolet rays from the sun fasten the rate at which one’s skin ages, and can also cause wrinkles, freckles, hyperpigmentation, as well as dark spots on your face. Prior to stepping out into the hot sun, always make sure that you have applied sunscreen on your face. 

Buy sunscreens with a rating of above 30 SPF and PA+ since they protect your skin from both UVA and UVB sun rays.

Aging doesn’t have to be a daunting and frustrating process for you. By simply adopting a balanced way of life and adhering to a working skincare regimen, you can achieve your aspiration of getting youthful skin.  

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