How to Host a Virtual Office Christmas Party

Virtual Office

This year has resulted in offices clearing out and everyone adjusting to working from home. While this has had its perks, one of the downsides is not being able to see your colleagues in person and catch up with each other properly. Another disappointment that many workers might face this year is that there will be no annual office Christmas Party to enjoy. Although you might not all be in your usual working environment at the moment, it’s still important to reward your employees for their hard work, so here are some tips on how you can all enjoy the festivities together with a virtual Christmas party. 

Create a Playlist

Cheesy Christmas songs and some fun party anthems are always present at these events, and it simply wouldn’t be the same without them. Ask for people’s requests and create a festive playlist on Spotify and send it out to your team. It might not be perfectly in-sync when everyone listens to it, but at least they can enjoy some music in the background while you talk to each other online.

Do a Quiz

You may have already incorporated a quiz or some other games into your office Christmas parties before the age of lockdowns, but as you can’t mingle together as you usually would this year, creating a Christmas quiz is a good way to get everyone involved in the chat and have some fun. You could even arrange prizes for the winning team like shopping vouchers that you could send to their homes easily.

Secret Santa

Secret Santa is a festive tradition in most workplaces to make sure everyone gets a little something. While it is still possible for you to do this year, it won’t be as simple as people will have to arrange deliveries, etc. To make things easier for people and to do a good deed as a workforce, think about donating to charity this year instead. Organizations like the Red Cross run holiday giving fundraisers that help to support those who need it most around the world. 

Set a Spending Budget

Usually, it’s the company that organizes catering and drinks for the office party and the staff just have to show up. However, this year your employees will have to provide the food and drink for your virtual party themselves. If possible, set a spending budget and reimburse your staff for what they have spent for the party so it still feels like a treat to celebrate their hard work this year.

Fancy Dress/Christmas Jumpers

Finally, try to encourage people to sign onto the video-chat wearing something festive, whether it’s antlers on their head or a cheesy Christmas jumper! It’s a good way to have some fun and be silly together and will help to get everyone into the festive spirit. You could even hand out prizes for the worst jumper or the best fancy dress. 

It has been a strange year and many people have found it challenging to adjust to working from home. If you and your employees won’t be returning to the office before Christmas this year, use these tips to host a virtual Christmas party for you all to enjoy.

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