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Protecting Your Home from Pet Odor: A Guide

Pet Odor

If you have recently brought home a lockdown pet, you might not have realized the effect that your new furry friend will have on your house, particularly the way that it smells. However, your home does not need to smell like your new furry friend every single day. Here is a guide to some of the ways that you can cut down on nose-wrinkling pet odor. 

  • Take Your Pet to a Groomer

One of the best ways that you can reduce the pet odor inside your home is by taking your pet to a groomer regularly. Pet groomers ensure that your pet returns home from their appointment looking and smelling great, as each appointment will usually involve a wash and a brush that can remove all of the excess dirt and odor-creating bacteria from your furry friend’s coat. Not only this, but regular grooming can prevent skin conditions that could lead to difficult odors in the future. Therefore, you should consider contacting a pet groomer in Cave Creek, such as those at Exceptional Pets. 

  • Create a Pet Zone

Another method that you should try when attempting to protect your home from odor is to contain the smell in one place. To do this, you should build a pet zone within your home where you can store all of their potentially smelly bedding, toys, and even food bowls. This will ensure that that delightful pet smell can remain in one location within your home, rather than pervading the house wherever your dog or cat decides to roam. 

  • Use Your Porch

When you have pets, you should also consider building a porch onto the front or back of your home. This space can allow your pet to get muddy without treading the dirt through the rest of your home and prevent them from bringing unwelcome smells in. You can also use this area to wash them down, wipe their paws, and check them over for pests that could infest your home and lead to unhealthy odors within. 

  • Air Your Home

Although you might not be able to prevent your dog from giving off an interesting odor, this is not to say that your home has to smell like it. Instead, you should consider airing your home throughout the day to ensure that your house has good circulation and that any excess smells are removed outside. This will also allow any bacteria to escape through your windows, creating a healthier environment for both you and your pets. 

  • Use an Air Purifier

If you do not want to keep your windows open at all times, especially throughout the winter months, you should consider investing in an air purifier that could make sure that your air is constantly being refreshed within your home. However, you should make sure that you change the filters often to prevent your purifier from becoming blocked or holding bacteria that could infect your air. You might also consider installing air vents into your walls. 

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