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6 Simple Ways to Declutter Your Home

Declutter Your Home

For a lot of people, just the thought of tackling the clutter in their home is overwhelming, especially if it has been a long time since they had a clear out. However, if you can get past the apprehension, the benefits of a minimalist home are numerous. You will have less to organize and less to clean which, in turn, reduces stress.

If you can reduce how much you buy and bring into the home, you can also reduce your spending and maximize your savings. The key is not to look at the whole task in front of you but to approach it in small steps. Here are 6 simple ways to declutter your home.

1. Start with just a few minutes each day

Pick an area of a room and spend just a few minutes clearing it of trash and unwanted items. Alternatively, aim to get rid of one item per day, either by throwing it out or giving it away. You can then increase this to two items per day, and in just one year, you will have cleared over 700 items from your home. If you want to do more, fill a trash bag with items you can donate. If you are struggling to part with items because of an emotional connection, e.g. they were given as gifts, this article on letting go of physical gifts may help.

2. Make a plan

If you are someone who likes to work with a list or plan, write down the items you do not need. This might be split into ‘boxes in the attic’, ‘clothes in the spare room’ or ‘clear the toybox’ but segmenting the job in this way can make it seem much more achievable.

3. Get rid of bulky furniture

Furniture design has come a long way, so if you are living with bulky furniture which does not offer storage, it may be time to get rid and replace with something more functional. You simply need to identify the furniture you do not want and contact BrightHouse who will collect it and dispose of it appropriately.

4. Clear out your wardrobe

If you have too many clothes and you are struggling to store them, it is likely that getting ready is a stressful experience. Try hanging your clothes with all the hangers in the same direction. When you have worn an item, put it back in the opposite direction. After a few months it will be clear which clothes you can donate. You could also sell some clothes, shoes and accessories via online marketplaces.

5. Ask a friend for a second opinion

Invite a friend or family member round and ask them to look through some of your possessions. What would they suggest that you get rid of? You may believe you have a valid reason for keeping it, but if they do not agree, it may be time to part with it.

6. Pack some boxes

Find four boxes and give them a label: keep, relocate, donate, trash. Attacking one room at a time, place all the items in the room into one of the boxes with no exceptions. It might be an ongoing project, but it will help to focus your mind on what you really need and what is unnecessary clutter.


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