Dominate Microsoft Messaging Platform with MS-200 Exam and Practice Tests to Ace It

MS-200 Exam

Staying virtually connected with a person or with a group is much easier now with the help of different messaging platforms. And one of the best such platforms at present is Microsoft 365 Instant Messaging, which keeps you in line with the latest updates through quick and qualitative SMS, RCS, and MMS on your phone.

To ensure the reliable service of Microsoft 365 Instant Messaging tool, there are skilled professionals who are assigned to manage it. And so, these are Microsoft 365 Messaging Administrators doing all the necessary things to keep everything in messaging infrastructure smooth and sailing.

Transforming into Microsoft 365 Certified: Messaging Administrator Associate

This job role is pretty unique yet interesting. It comprises a series of tasks to be proficient in that include deployment, configuration, and management of messaging infrastructure as well as administration of mail protection, client access, mail flow, and such. All these tasks cover cloud enterprise, local, and hybrid settings.

Because of its broad working scope, this job role requires the completion of two certifying exams. These tests are from the new Microsoft role-based certification track, meaning that these focus more on practical application rather than on theoretical understanding. And there are two required exams needed to earn the badge such as MS-200 and MS-201.

Let’s start with the first test for the credential, Exam-Labs MS-200.

MS-200 Test and Its Imperative Features

The most important thing to know when preparing for your MS-200 assessment is the coverage of the exam. Now, it’s crucial that you follow only the latest and official exam content. So, take note that slight changes have taken place in the exam coverage on December 4, 2019.

As a whole, MS-200 revolves around the management of modern messaging infrastructure, mail flow topology, recipients, and devices.

  • 45-50% of the exam content highlights the modern messaging infrastructure, which further elaborates on key topics such as messaging infrastructure lifecycle, disaster recovery, client access, databases, and Database Availability Groups
  • 35-40% of itemsconfer about mail flow topology, while discussing tasks like planning transport pipeline, troubleshooting mail flow issues, and managing connectors and hybrid mail flow
  • 15-20% of questionsaddressthe significance of the management of both recipient resources and mobile devices

Despite the above breakdown of exam topics, there are other key areas that might be included in the test. Thus, it’s best that you keep closing the list noted in the official exam content.

Core Professional Benefits of MS-200 Test

Stoke up your interest in completing MS-200 exam with a few amazing bonuses below!

  • Gain functional knowledge about the fundamental features of Microsoft 365 apps

As mentioned above, MS-200 test is part of the new role-based Microsoft 365 certification track. This exam will not just focus on your key skills in the Messaging Platform but also on your working knowledge in authentication forms, licensing, and incorporation of various Microsoft 365 apps.

  • Transform into a competent and well-rounded messaging administrator

With the aid of this technical certification exam, you’ll become a skilled professional able to effectively run message hygiene, hybrid configuration, high availability, disaster recovery, among others. Not only that, you will easily perform tasks such as supervising client access, directing mail protection, and overseeing various mailboxes.

  • Work with different Microsoft administrators in an organization

Aside from executing your specific assignments, you are given the opportunity to corroborate with security and enterprise administrators to ensure a safe hybrid topology in a business organization.

Valuable Tips to Pass MS-200 Test Like a Pro

For individuals who are highly interested in passing MS-200 exam, here’s your chance of acing the test in just one take. Now, go over this collection of tips and tricks, and for sure you’ll be completely satisfied with the results!

  • Always Follow Official MS-200 Exam Content

Firstly, you need to meticulously follow the exam guide endorsed by the provider. In this case, you can find the official list of exam objectives on the Microsoft exam website. Look for the updated file so you will cover the latest changes in the topics.

  • Maximize on all Microsoft Training Courses

Secondly, to keep track of the exam objectives, you will need qualitative online materials from recommended and reliable sources. So, it’s a good thing that Microsoft offers great instructor-led training courses for this exam each requiring 2 days, like Understanding Modern Messaging Infrastructure. This means that you need to allocate time and money if you’re planning to avail of these courses which will undoubtedly pay off.

  • Evaluate Your Proficiency with Exam-Labs

Aside from Microsoft, another instrumental website for your MS-200 preparation is This online resource provides lots of free exam dumps, which are composed of the most actual and valid exam questions and answers packed and opened through the VCE Software simulating the exam environment.

  • Use Most Productive VCE Player

This way, you can answer these dumps in a similar setting as the actual test! Once you complete the work with all the free dumps, you’ll have another prolific option to purchase their Premium File containing 106 test questions and answersat $29,99 only.

  • Spend Your Extra Time Watching Valuable Videos

As the high note, you can take advantage of free MS-200 video clips available on the YouTube platform. Most of these online materials are prepared and uploaded by those who have successfully passed the exam. So, you’ll definitely obtain more insights into the exam by watching these videos.

Bottom Line

So, the Microsoft’s Messaging Platform is undeniably a great way to keep the team connected wherever they go. Thus, the tricks that specialists behind this imperative communication can use are really beneficial. And if you want to become a part of the team and transform into a Microsoft 365 Certified: Messaging Administrator Associate, start with its MS-200 test and you’ll surely develop your skills in no time.

Soon, you’ll dominate this field with the help of your practice tests!

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