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CV/resume and cover letter writing

Linking Lines is a language service providing business established in September 2015 with an exceptional success rate and outstanding customer service.

The foundation of each project is knowing precisely what the client wants and then doing everything we can to help them get there. We successfully replicate this approach over and over again, and we follow how our clients do, where they go, and how happy they were with our service.

One of the best things about Linking Lines is that, just like many other businesses that focus on language use, we offer an array of services:

  • CV/resume and cover letter writing
  • LinkedIn profile creation/optimization
  • Career coaching and counseling (including interview coaching)
  • Translation
  • Writing & editing: web content, articles, business plans, all types of letters (recommendation, resignation, proposals)

We take pride in the fact we often change people’s lives – be it with a CV that leads to their dream job, a business proposal that gets them clients or creating engaging web content that boosts their sales.

We believe in transparency, communication, and mutual respect. Each client is introduced to our terms & conditions before the agreement has been made, so everyone understands their rights and obligations. We give clear explanations once the project is delivered, answer any questions that may arise, and offer free professional advice.

Many people have tried our services and came back, and we are always happy to work with them again!

CV/resume and cover letter writing service is one of our most sought-after services. We write CVs for all professions and all types of positions. What sets us apart from our competition is that we do detailed research for each of our clients, so all our CVs are personalized.

Not only that, but we also write ATS optimized CVs. The easiest way to explain what this means is to say that some companies use software that scans CVs. If this software doesn’t find specific words and/or phrases, it will automatically classify a candidate as unfit, and their CV will end up in the trash. We do a comprehensive investigation of the position or the field our client is interested in, and, based on 5-10 active ads in the relevant job market and 3-6 job descriptions, we write their CVs and cover letters.

What usually happens is, once our clients receive their new CV and cover letter, they see themselves in a new light. Our team of professional, certified CV writers often gives our clients a new perspective on their experience, education, and skills. This is because CV writing requires objectivity, something most people lack when they need to present themselves. That is where we show our expertise – we are able to present “the best of” our clients without overused phrases that are not relatable. When they receive their CV and cover letter, they realize how people who know nothing about their professional lives see them.

We also ask the clients to let us know how the job search is coming along. We care deeply about clients’ success, and we constantly work on improving our approach because our main goal is client satisfaction.

What we also do is CV/resume and cover letter updates. This service is for Linking Lines clients who used our services before, got their new CV and cover letter, and then, after a certain period of time, they want us to add their latest job or educational information. We don’t update/revise CVs that we didn’t work on because that would be a mixture of approaches and writing styles, and we can’t guarantee the success of those.

LinkedIn profile creation/optimization is another popular service that provides the client with a tailor-made approach to their situation. Based on the client’s desires and aspirations, we write the headline and summary sections and present their work experience and education. Furthermore, we also advise on the relevant skills they need to add to their profile.

We also write the “open to opportunities” note and suggest whom to add, what companies to follow, and give tips on how to network.

Some clients choose to take the whole bundle (CV + CL + LinkedIn), while others start with a CV and cover letter and later decide they want us to take care of their LinkedIn profile as well.

Because we understand the struggles of a modern-day job seeker, we recognized the need to introduce career coaching and counseling services. Regardless of where our clients are in their professional lives, everyone can benefit from this. Most commonly, people want to talk about possible career choices, upskilling or employment gaps. The role of a certified career coach in those situations is to ask insightful questions, guide clients to conclusions, and offer opinions. Similarly to a psychologist, career coaches will not decide for their clients, but they will listen, ask questions, and challenge answers.

We offer one-off sessions or a bundle if the clients require in-depth analysis and guidance.

Linking Lines, however, does not offer just career-related services.

We collaborate with a wide range of professional translators, which allows us to offer fast, reliable, and high-quality service. Everything is done online – clients send us their documents that need to be translated, we provide them with a quote and estimated delivery date, and then, if the conditions suit, we deliver the translations in a PDF format.

We know how important it is to have a reliable partner for translation needs, a business that understands the industry, follows the guidelines and guarantees quality – which is precisely why we are here.

Our writing services are used by all age groups. We can help with legal letters and documents, blog posts, academic papers, articles, customized web content, and business plans and proposals.

We also make sure the texts we deliver are easy to read and error-free – proofreading is included in the service!

Whoever requires a language service provider, we got them covered. Since 2015, we’ve had countless satisfied clients who send business our way because they know we will do a great job for their friends, colleagues, or family, too!

Our motto is: we are as successful as our clients. And that is why we put a lot of effort into each and every project and do it right.

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