Pass Microsoft 70-417 Exam and Become MCSA Certified

Pass Microsoft 70-417 Exam and Become MCSA Certified

 The technology-based professionals should always be on the lookout for ways to upgrade their skills. The major reason for this is the fact that the IT world is always on the move. Technology can be superior today but become inferior in a few years due to upcoming better options. So if you have the desire that your skills are always relevant even when your specific tech area is evolving, then you need to constantly update them. This is the case for those whose focus is the Windows Server technology. Microsoft ensures that the specialists have an opportunity to update their skills whenever the company upgrades its server systems. That is why learning more about the Microsoft 70-417 exam will mean a lot to you as a server specialist.

You should know that the exam is for those who have experience with older Windows
Server versions and want their skills to reflect the requirements of newer ones. This is
possible through passing the Microsoft Exam Dumps 70-417 certification test. The intention
is to ensure the professionals have the capability to implement the core architecture
services of the Windows Server 2012 version. This means their current experience only
enables them to work with older versions. That is why it is required to update the server

The Upgrading Your Skills to MCSA Windows Server 2012 certification will be ideal for those who have earned any of the credentials below:

  • Windows Server XP
  • Windows Server 2000
  • Windows Server 2003
  • Windows Server 2008

Important Details

There are helpful details that the candidates must know before embarking on their journey towards earning the MCSA certification. Please pay your attention to the following information:

  • One exam combines 3 separate tests.

The single 70-417 exam combines three separate blocks: 70-410 (Installing and Configuring Windows Server 2012), 70-411 (Administering Windows Server 2012), and 70-412 (Configuring Advanced Windows Server 2012 Services). It means that the test basically measures you according to the requirements of all three of them.

  • Order of the exams.

You can only move to the next exam after completing the previous one. For example, you will take Microsoft 70-411 after finishing Microsoft 70-410. You won’t be able to go back to the questions you skipped in the previous block of questions.

  • Exam questions.

This is an associate exam that usually carries 40-60 questions. The types of questions have been varied. You may find fill-in-the-blank, hot areas, review screen, multiple-choice questions, and active screen. Other possible question types are build list, case study, short answer, best answer, and drag and drop. The length of time given to answer these questions is 120 minutes.

  • Exam passing score.

Once you have finished answering the exam questions, you need to wait for your results. The feedback you get indicates that the test is completed successfully or you need to retake it. To attain the passing score in the Microsoft 70-417 exam, you need 700 points.

  • Exam cost.

First of all, the Microsoft 70-417 test requires you to provide your personal details by signing-up with Pearson VUE. You will then need to pay $165 before taking the exam. Remember, this is the amount for the first attempt only. You will have to pay a separate fee in case of retake.

Exam Skills Measured

Since Microsoft 70-417 combines three tests, you will have to understand the syllabus of each exam. Here are the topics you need to know:

  1. Exam 70-410 Topics
  • Server installation and configuration
  • Server roles and features configuration
  • Hyper-V configuration
  • Installation and administration of Active Directory
  1. Exam 70-411 Topics
  • Server deployment, management, and maintenance
  • Configuration of network services
  • Network policy server architecture configuration
  • How to configure and operate Active Directory
  • Configuration and operation of Group Policy
  1. Exam 70-412 Topics
  • High availability configuration and management
  • File storage solutions configuration
  • Implementation of business continuity and disaster recovery
  • Configuration of network services
  • Configuration of solutions for access and information protection

Preparation Materials

After learning the details of Microsoft 70-417, you need to go further and understand what it takes to pass this certification exam. Most of the candidates find the test hard. But it doesn’t mean you cannot pass it. The most important thing to know is how crucial the preparation process is. How you prepare and what you use while studying is going to determine the marks you get. You need study materials that will enhance your knowledge and skills in the required areas.

Here are great exam preparation materials for Microsoft 70-417:

  • Instructor-Led Course

Enrolling for a training course guided by a qualified instructor is one of the best ways to understand the topics of the exam better. The Microsoft instructor-led training will help you master these subjects.

  • Study Books

Making use of the books like Exam Ref 70-417 available on the official website is a great way to prepare for the test. The manuals cover all the topics and offer you a reliable way to understand the administration of services in the Windows Server 2012 environment.

  • Practice Tests

Learn what it takes to pass the exam with the help of practice tests. Previous versions of the test are a good way to learn and master topics, exam structure, and other details. Through the materials found on the ExamSnap website, you can always know which subjects are harder. Thus, you can work on perfecting the understanding of them. The platform also has wonderful video lectures to help you capture the exam content well.


The skills related to Windows Server are currently in high demand. With the acquired knowledge, your career path will definitely be successful. You will experience benefits like finding a good job and earning a good payment. You will also ensure that you keep your job by passing the Microsoft 70-417 exam. This is because your skills will never become outdated. The employers always prefer to keep those employees whose skills are up-to-date and who care about what they have to ofer. Isn’t it a good reason to get the Microsoft MCSA certification right now?

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