Advice for Parents With Athletically Gifted Children

It is incredibly exciting when you have a child that shows real talent and promise in sport, but it is also important to be aware that it can present extreme parenting challenges, and there is no guarantee for success. The vast majority of gifted young athletes do not make it all the way, which can be tough to see, but that is not to say that they cannot enjoy a bright future and have unique experiences that will help them be happy and successful in future endeavors. Here are a few tips that will hopefully help you be the best possible parent when you have a child who shows promise in sports and athletics.


Be Encouraging but Cautious

Obviously, as a parent, you will want your child to achieve their dreams and be a success. While you absolutely should be supportive and encouraging and do whatever you can to help, you must also be cautious and temper expectations. This will include making sure that they do not neglect their studies and develop a plan for what they want to do if they do not make it all the way – many go on to find rewarding work related to the sport, such as coaching or sports journalism.


Maintain Good Communication With Their Coach

Every aspiring young athlete needs a strong inner circle around them that work together to help them to achieve their dreams. This means that you need to have regular communication with their coach and the school, including what realistic expectations are and what you can be doing as a parent to help.


Find Experiences for Them to Shine

Talent and hard work are important, but in order to take steps towards achieving their dream, they will need to find ways to get noticed and show their abilities at a high level. For aspiring soccer players, places like can help as they can provide an exclusive and highly valuable experience with European clubs that have a history of developing professional players. It is places like this where they will receive coaching and support from experienced coaches as well as have a platform to show their abilities and potentially get a scholarship or get scouted for an academy.


Make Sure They Get Balanced Development

Talented or not, a child needs to get a balanced development, but this can be much harder when they are chasing a dream to be a professional athlete. Their education, social skills, work ethic, and emotional intelligence all need developing, and as a parent, you will need to encourage this. Additionally, you need to communicate with them regularly. Often, a gifted child will one day change their mind, and the activity can quickly become a chore, so you need to always make sure that they are doing what they want to be doing.

It is exciting when your child shows real promise in a sport, but it can also present many challenges as a parent, and you will want to do all that you can to help them to achieve their goals while still giving them a happy childhood and a backup plan.

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