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Top 4 Exercises to Help You Age Well


Physical activity is key to a healthy lifestyle for all ages and can help to improve strength and balance. For older people this could also help to reduce the risk of fall-related injuries and will enable your body to stay younger for longer. Staying physically active can also reduce your risk of certain diseases and will help you to become more mobile as you age. Here are four great exercises to help you stay limber and age well.


Yoga is a low-impact exercise that can improve flexibility, balance, mobility and muscle strength. It is fantastic for older people and is accessible for those who are new to exercise, or have not exercised for a long time. Chair yoga is particularly practical for seniors. The practice provides less stress on joints, bones and muscles than regular yoga which means there is less risk of injury. Not only does chair yoga provide older adults a form of low impact exercise, which can gently work the body, it can also improve mental health. Furthermore, it can provide you with a better night’s sleep.

Tai Chi

Like yoga, tai chi is a low impact exercise that is beneficial for balance and flexibility. There is a lot of focus on mindfulness and stretching, and it places emphasis on slow, focused movement. It is an ideal exercise to improve your overall well-being and is often practiced in a group. This makes it a great way to meet and bond with new people. Getting older can be lonely sometimes and exercising can be a daunting prospect if you haven’t done it for quite some time. One of the great things about being part of a senior living community is the social aspect. These communities enable older people to bond and connect with likeminded people of the same age group which can in turn prevent low mental health and depression. Social activities in a senior living community are incredibly varied and can include canoeing, fishing and hiking.

Water Aerobics

Water aerobics puts less stress on the joints and muscles than many land-based sports and is excellent for people suffering from joint-related issues such as arthritis. With minimal stress on the body, it can help to improve strength and balance.


Walking is an underrated form of exercise, but it is one of the best for seniors. It is accessible and does not stress the body as much as other types of exercise. Studies show that a healthy amount of steps can vary from 2,000 to 9,000 per day. However, walking can be a challenge for older adults who are less mobile. Therefore, it is important that you tailor the amount of steps you take to your own needs and set your own personal goals. Regular walks can help strengthen your muscles and increase your overall fitness level. In addition, it can reduce your risk of certain types of cancer, diabetes, stroke and heart disease. Set yourself a manageable daily challenge to achieve a healthier lifestyle.

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