How to Get More Online Visibility for Your Business

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In short, online visibility is the presence that a brand achieves on the Internet, understood in a positive sense: it is about getting a visible place, where users can easily locate you and with just a few clicks. Online visibility also serves to build a brand, capture quality leads, achieve “fame” and recognition in the digital world. Whatever the objective of your presence on the Internet, creating an online visibility plan should be one of your priorities.

The need (or not) to have a Website

When we talk about achieving online visibility, the first thing that usually comes to mind is the fact of having a website. Today, this is optional since it is proven that world-famous YouTubers have not needed a web page to get that great digital exposure. However, having a website is important for several reasons:


  • Indeed, it is one more source of visibility that you could use to attract traffic through SEO techniques, among other possibilities.
  • You will preserve your registered brand domain so that it is not taken away by the competition or other people who want to take advantage of your brand.
  • You will have one more result to a position in Google for when people search for your brand.

Social networks

We could spend hours talking about social networks, however, we would always end up with the same conclusion: impressive online visibility can be achieved using these platforms because who is not on at least one social network today? What we do have to take into account is which network or networks to work with, since not all of them are going to be useful for our purposes. What it will depend mainly on is the target audience. To give a more practical example, if you have a clothing, fashion, or similar store, Instagram is going to be a great social network for you. On the other hand, LinkedIn is not going to fit as much since its profile is more professional or business.

In addition to organically achieving online visibility, on social networks you can use paid advertisements, which are very good at achieving a much larger return on investment at reasonable prices.



Another of the great pillars with which to achieve online visibility is undoubtedly SEO.

Traditionally we are used to working on SEO on our website. However, we can not only work SEO on our site but we can work to position our social media profiles as well, including YouTube videos, and so on. Therefore, we can generate a complete SEO positioning strategy to further enhance our visibility on the internet. Also, with SEO the good thing is that your reach will be as big as you want: local, national, or even international. An SEO agency is going to be vital for growth. 


Paid advertisements

Buying paid advertising on social networks is not the only place to put ads. You could also buy advertising on search engines like Google, on which you can get very good results. Or in the same way, look for other platforms for advertising or purchase direct banners on Web Pages related to your theme. 

The possibilities in paid advertising are many and in many cases will depend on your target audience and where it is.

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