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Are you looking to move into a new area of Victoria, BC, but don’t know where to live? Our post offers you the five best neighborhoods to live in and why you should purchase in one of these places.

There are some excellent houses for sale in Victoria BC, but there are more than a few neighborhoods to choose from in the area. Whether you want a place with eclectic shops or one with beach access, there are Victoria neighborhoods suitable for all tastes. The best communities in Victoria BC, will depend on what you find the ideal for your needs. If you have a family with children who need access to excellent school districts, you’ll be able to find fantastic school districts in some communities like Gordon Head. Other areas are significant for young couples who want to be surrounded by creativity and culture in a place like Fernwood.

Beacon Hill

This area of Victoria is one of the most expensive because you’re directly downtown with all that the site offers. Beacon Hill Park, the Royal BC Museum, eclectic shops, and good dining restaurants. It’s a neighborhood where a real estate doesn’t come to market very often. Everyone wants to live downtown with its incredible views of the ocean and the mountains. It’s like living in a bustling village with quaint charm and unique cultural attractions. A vast neighborhood market gives it a slight community feel, while the homes are great for couples who want to enjoy everything the city offers.


If you’re looking for importance and class in your search for the best neighborhoods in Victoria BC, Rockland is an area that dominates the south coast. The village sits above the city of Victoria and features gorgeous gardens and the Government House. A neighborhood organization unites those within this community and communicates directly with City Hall regarding issues the residents deem essential. The area of Rockland is full of historical attractions, and citizens live in homes that feel spacious but don’t limit their connection to the community feel.


The Fernwood area is home to an eclectic mix of homes and condos. It’s a community where neighbors know each other, and the houses have character. The square is what unites the members of this community with each other. There are many shops, cafes, and restaurants surrounding the main square. The homes are smaller than some of the other prestigious neighborhoods in Victoria BC. While they’re small, they don’t lack character. Artists, families, and couples exist in cute little cottages in Victoria BC, neighborhoods with colorful gardens and tree-lined streets.

Uplands, Oak Bay

The houses to buy in the Victoria BC area of Uplands, Oak Bay, feature large lots where children can enjoy playing outdoors throughout the year. Whether in the beauty of spring or in the winter for lovely snowfall, the lots are well worth the price. In fact, most homes have a view of the ocean. While it’s an area where you’ll find more expensive homes, they’re not the priciest in the area of Victoria. Buyers unhappy with the size of their home will have plenty of space for renovations and expansions. When it comes to the cost of living in Victoria BC, you’ll find that the houses to buy in Victoria BC, are in neighborhoods on the outskirts of downtown.

Gordon Head

Living in Victoria BC, the area of Gordon Head is quiet and charming. For those looking for a place to settle down that’s away from the bustle of downtown but still accessible relatively quickly, the neighborhood of Gordon Head is perfect. It’s an area that touches the part of the coast and is close to commercial sites. There are plenty of historic homes in this area for those who want to explore the beauty of history in Gordon Head. Beach access is part of the charm in this community near the UVic campus. This area has access to 27 parks that the entire family can enjoy. Listings in this community include Saanich East and SE Gordon and are upwards of CAD 1 million. It’s filled with single-family houses featuring 3 or more bedrooms.

The cost of living in Victoria BC is high compared to some other communities, but well worth the expense when you can buy a home in Victoria BC, close to the ocean, museums, excellent restaurants, and great schools. People who can’t stay in the downtown area or who want the distance from downtown will be able to find great homes in the surrounding communities listed in this post.

Areas like Gordon Head, Oak Bay, and Rockland are places with beautiful single-family homes that are upwards of $500,000 to CAD 1 million. They’re close-knit communities where people watch out for each other. While the cost of living is a bit higher in Victoria than in other areas of B.C., it’s well worth the price for the amount of space and amenities to be found there.

Victoria BC real estate is an exciting and wise investment for your future. Since there are many options for real estate listings, you do not have to worry about where you will find real estate property suited for you. You have to look for a reliable Victoria real estate listings website or a Real Estate agents Victoria BC, to show you what properties are available.

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