Six Best Accessories for 2020


2020 is a year unlike any other and it has certainly been a turning point for all societies. In the world of fashion, it also means that the must-have accessories of the day are vastly different. Not only do they need to look good, but they need to work to protect us. Never have accessories been more important, so rock the rest of your 2020 with these six top accessories:

A Cute Reusable Face Mask

If there is one accessory that should be in everyone’s closets, it is the face mask. Skip the boring, disposable, and plain ugly single-use options and instead invest in fashion masks. These masks are beautiful, come in a variety of fabrics, patterns, and designs, and should have space between the two layers of fabric for an additional filter to be added. Stock up on a few because you’ll want to wash your mask after wearing it.

A Great Crossbody Phone Case

Contactless is the way to pay, and for many of us, that means using our phones. Keep your phone within easy reach at all times with a modern and stylish case y and you’ll always be able to tap your payments while keeping your phone secure. These are a modern invention that perfectly suits any 2020 outing, both in your hometown and abroad.


A Touch Screen Stylus

There are a variety of innovative little devices out there that are helping us minimize touching surfaces when we are out and about. A small stylus with a blunt edge that is touch-screen ready can make it safer to use self-checkout devices and other touchscreen-enabled technology when outside.


An Organized Carrier Bag

From tote bags to carrier bags, you need an option that has been designed to make it simple and safe to bring everything that you need with you. Nowadays it is important that you bring everything — from your face mask to your own bags, water bottle, and even hand sanitizer, and so much more.

With a bag, tote, backpack, or any other bag of your choice that comes with subsections and plenty of organizing power, you can bring it all without the bulk or the mess.


Statement Sunglasses

It’s summer! This year bright colors and statement frames are all the rage and help give you a bright, bold look even under your face mask. If you want something sleeker, there are smaller frames that are trending right now that are perfect for your needs.


Hat Clip

A small, magnetic clip is all you need to safely bring your hat with you wherever you go. It is perfect for when you want to take it off or are traveling with it through airports. A hat clip easily attaches to your bag, and uses magnets to hold your hat for you, so you don’t have to fuss with it, squish it, or ruin your favorite sun accessory.

Accessories in 2020 are different to what we are used to be, but many of the top ones of today are actually very useful for the future. You can use your face mask to help reduce particle inhalation on subways, hat clips can be used on all journeys, and that crossbody phone case is sure to be your best friend day in and day out.

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