How to Optimize Your Business’s Use of Salesforce


Utilizing any software within your business is a must. Salesforce is software that can help make things that little bit easier as it can improve your business processes and operations and ensure that all the various areas are efficient and effective. It is a powerful tool that you can harness within a variety of areas and departments from employee retention to payroll. With all the advantages it brings to your business, you must know what you want to get out of it, and you must know what your business wants to achieve. So, what are your end goals? Do you want to be able to have more control of employee recruitment and onboarding, or do you want to monitor and manage employee leave to ensure time taken off does not affect your business?

Recruitment and Onboarding

You can use Salesforce as part of the recruitment and onboarding within your business allowing you to streamline recruitment. Having a more automated recruitment process will help to improve efficiency. Salesforce can help you get the right candidates for your business as soon as possible. Within the software you can create vacancies, publish vacancies and even match CVS and resumes to suitable job descriptions and adverts. Using the Salesforce HR software allows you to quickly and easily compare candidates, which will ensure you get the right employee for your business. When you improve the recruitment and onboarding process you free up your time to focus on other areas of your business.

Time and Expenses

Forget mountains of paperwork piling up around the office, and instead utilize mobile and paperless solutions. Gone are the days where you needed to keep all your receipts. Paperless uploads for expenses ensure that you can keep track of employees and managers expenses and reduce your processing times. Save time and cut down on inaccurate employee time logs and keep more accurate records using pre-made spreadsheets and timesheets, which can often be personalized and tailored to individual employees. When you automate expenses and time-logs you ensure that they can be changed and corrected if necessary, using a mobile device right up until the last minute. Quick last-minute changes would normally cost your business but with mobile updates you can save your business time and energy.

Employee Relationships

Quite often it can be hard to build meaningful employee relationships, but if you incorporate Salesforce you can work on building relationships from the start. You can make employees feel part of your business by incorporating them into business processes and allowing them to control their own data. 

Give employees control to track and record their absence periods and periods of leave and then utilize this data to predict and forecast workflow within your business. Recording leave and absences also allows you to see any issues or problems that may be arising at the earliest opportunity. When you quickly spot problems and issues arriving you can then put in a plan of action to rectify them, ensuring minimal cost for your business.

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