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Granite Countertop Colors: What are the Options?

Granite Countertop

Granite is simply stunning and adds elegance and professionalism to any kitchen. Plus, it’s durable and easy to work on as a kitchen worktop. Granite colors are vast and almost endless; you’re bound to see a wide variety of hues and patterns. 

The huge variety can make selecting granite countertop colors for your kitchen an overwhelming task. Not to worry, though, as this guide will help you with six of the most stunning granite countertops.


White Granite Countertops: Sleek and Versatile

White granite brings a clean look to any kitchen. It has an open feel, too that makes a kitchen seem larger than it is. Plus, it pairs well with almost all types of cabinets and appliances, especially white cabinets and stainless steel appliances. 

Pure white granite countertops are one of the rarest there is, though. Almost any white granite you find will have some other colors too, such as gray, black or brown. But this doesn’t necessarily affect the way it interacts with your kitchen; the colored flecks only make it classier and adds to the overall beauty. 


Black Granite Countertops: Elegant and Timeless

If you want a solid black granite countertop, then look no further than the Black Pearl granite. This is the simple definition of elegance and rare beauty, especially when paired with wooden cabinets in a spacious kitchen with large windows for lots of natural lighting. 

Black granite countertops are also great and look classy in a kitchen with white or gray counters. You can find black granite with a subtle touch of other beautiful colors, such as silver, gold, and gray.


Gray Granite Countertops: Simple and Elegant

An elegant kitchen with a dramatic appearance is one with gray granite countertops, white cabinets, and dark wooden floors. This combination creates a beautiful contrast with bright cabinets and dark floors. It exemplifies simplicity and minimalism

Gray granite doesn’t just go with white cabinets, though. It also matches other colors in the kitchen well, like a black oven. Most gray granite will have dark speckles, which is a modern look.


Blue Granite Countertops: Crisp and Clean

Blue granite countertops blend well with white cabinets and hardwood floors to give an elegant and spacious appearance. It’s a look that combines simplicity and sophistication. 

Most blue granite has flecks of silver, gray, white, or brown, and you will find a wide range of colors from navy blue to very pale silvery blue. Blue granite countertops can be an excellent pair with cabinets of any color, depending on the chosen shade.


Green Granite Countertops: Calm and Beautiful

Green is the hue of nature and represents the outdoors. A Knutsford kitchen that inspires calmness and serenity is one with dazzling green granite worktops and light wood cabinets. 

Enjoy your kitchen with a touch of green, whether it is very pale, translucent green, or another hue. Some have dark green accents that are almost black. Those that have speckles of white and gray will blend well with white cabinets.  

A Final Option: Red Granite Countertops are Bold and Fiery

This last one is a bold choice and will bring a powerful touch to any kitchen. Red worktops are vibrant when paired with wood cabinets and will give your kitchen new life. 

You can also opt for red granite with a splash of other colors such as gray or silver, for a more natural look. For the ultimate sublime and warm look, go for burning red granite with blue, white, or brown flecks. 

Which one will you choose for your kitchen?

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