How to Help Your Daughter Plan Her Dream Wedding

Dream Wedding

Nothing will be more important to you than your daughter’s happiness. Therefore, it might be music to your ears to hear that she is engaged to her other half!  

While some mothers of the bride often choose to take a backseat during the planning process, your daughter could appreciate your help and support.

If this is the case, you might be unsure about your duties and how you can reduce some of the pressure she might be experiencing. Continue reading to find out how to help your daughter plan her dream wedding.

Search for the Perfect Dress

It is tradition for a mother of the bride to go with her daughter to different bridal stores in search of the perfect dress. Before you do so, ask the type of style and color she would like to wear on her big day. You can then look for inspiration online and help her to find a bridal store that might stock her dream gown. Don’t be afraid to provide honest feedback, which she will rely on when wedding dress shopping.

You also should start hunting for the perfect outfit for the big day. For example, if you are looking for stunning mother of the bride dresses that will complement your daughter’s beautiful day, you should visit to find elegant styles to match your shape and personality.

Find the Perfect Venue

In addition to helping your daughter to find the wedding dress of her dreams, she might also be more than happy for you to research different wedding venues. While she might have her heart set on a specific type of ceremony, such as a church wedding, she might be unsure about the right option for her special day. 

Listen to her wants and needs and then research the different options available, and you could even give a potential venue a call to learn about their wedding package options and open days. It could take some of the pressure off her shoulders and make the planning process much more enjoyable.

Research Wedding Traditions

A mother of the bride could also help by researching different wedding traditions, which your daughter or her partner might want to incorporate into their big day. 

For example, you could aim to find something old, something new, something borrowed, and something blue, which you could present on her big day. The traditional gifts are believed to bring the newlyweds good luck and fortune. 

For instance, you could buy her a beautiful bracelet to wear for something new, and you could present her with a treasured necklace or ring that has been in your family for generations. However, it is a wise idea to do so before a makeup artist arrives, as she could shed a tear or two! 

Ask How You Can Help

Before you get started on the above tips, it is essential to ask your daughter how you can help. She might prefer you to take a backseat, or she may want your support every step of the way. Asking how you can help could prevent frustration and conflict that will heighten your daughter’s stress levels. Plus, you will know you have done everything possible to help plan her perfect wedding day.

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