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7 Ways to Make Your Home Cosier in Time for Winter

Home in Winter

During the summer, we try to make our homes as light, spacious, and airy as possible. Minimalism is the theme, and we want as few layers of fabric as possible. However, when winter comes, the game changes, and we suddenly want plush fabrics, warm colours, and cosy spaces. It is inevitable that we will be spending more time at home with our loved ones, curled up on the sofa and watching our favourite classic films. Luckily, making a spacious home cosier is easier than you might think with just a few simple tweaks. Before the winter chill sets in properly, here are seven ways to make your home feel cosier.

Bring out the winter bedding

Lots of people have cooler bedding in summer, which is made of breathable cotton and linen, but in the winter, it is time to bring out the thick quilts, chunky knitted throws, and flannel. Throw in a hot water bottle, and you will be snug and cosy from the time your head hits the pillow until the morning.

Keep snuggly slippers by the door

Wintry days will often leave us with cold and soggy feet at the end of the day. To ensure you feel the cosy relief of home as soon as you get home, keep a pair of snuggly slippers right by the door so you can change into them as soon as you shut the front door. This will also prevent you from walking water and mud through the home.

Fill your sofa with soft blankets and pillows

Whether you choose fleece, velvet, chunky knit, or any other plush fabric, now is the time to drown the sofa in throws and pillows. There is nothing better than wrapping yourself up in a warm blanket after a hard day at work and a freezing commute.

Fit carpeting and rugs

Hardwood, tiling, and vinyl floors are great on warm, stuffy days, but when it is cold outside, we want cosy carpets and rugs underfoot. Of course, carpeting a whole house may not be realistic, but adding carpet to the room you spend the most time in could make a huge difference. Carpeting can also improve insulation levels meaning less heat is lost, and heating bills should be cheaper. Contact some carpet fitters London for quotes, and you should be able to find a great deal. Alternatively, adding soft rugs on top of hard floors could be a cheaper solution.

Make lighting softer

Harsh overhead lighting can make a room feel much larger and colder. Instead, consider adding a couple of table lamps, a string of fairy lights, and/or candlelight to give the room a cosy glow. You should opt for LED bulbs as they provide a gentler quality of light than standard bulbs.

Hang thick drapes at the windows

Thin linen curtains are not ideal when trying to insulate your home, so you may want to swap them out for thicker drapes with thermal lining which will prevent heat from escaping through leaky windows.

Display your memories

In addition to trying to feel physically warmer, display some of your family photographs and reminders of happy memories from the year. They will make you smile on the bleakest of winter days, and a warm heart can make all the difference.

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