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Creating Your Perfect Bedroom During COVID-19


While the world is going through a pandemic, it might be the perfect opportunity for you to spruce up your home. Many people are spending more time within the walls of their house, and it can get dull seeing the same décor day in and day out, especially if you haven’t altered your home in a while. Your bedroom would be a great place to start; after all, it is where you wake up each morning and it is the last thing you see before you fall asleep. Here are some tips to make your bedroom feel refreshingly new.

Buy New Bed Covers

Your bed is the main focal point of the bedroom. Over the years, you can grow used to the same old bed covers you’ve had for far too long, and the pattern loses the vibrancy it once possessed. Investing in some new bed covers with a fresh, interesting pattern can take your bedroom from boring to stylish in a flash. 

Splashes of Colour

A monotone room can be dull, so adding in some color can brighten your bedroom quickly. Maybe you could throw some colorful cushions on your bed, or replace your curtains with something brighter, or even apply patterned wallpaper to one of your walls. If you’re desiring a warm feeling atmosphere, choose oranges or yellows; if you’re feeling more nature-inspired, some luscious greens would be great color choices to use. These additions are sure to get your bedroom feeling like a whole new area.

A Lick of Paint

You may not notice that your walls are in dire need of fresh paint until after you repaint and see a huge difference. Take a look at the corners of your bedroom and see if any paint is chipping away – it might just benefit from a fresh layer!

Buy a Huge Rug

There’s something luxurious about a rug that almost takes up the whole room. A rug can make a huge difference to the feel of your bedroom. Choosing one that feels fluffy and comfortable on your feet will also give you a little extra happiness when you step out of bed in the morning.

Get an En-Suite

If your bedroom is big enough, or if you already have one, a new en-suite can give you that scoop of luxury that your bedroom is worth. Imagine it: you can bathe with no interruptions, and the space is all your own. Whether you have one already, beautifulbathroom.net can help you find the perfect en-suite for your bedroom. Let yourself indulge in some high-quality bathroom fittings and feel more at home than ever in your gorgeous bedroom.

Buy Some Art Prints

A new piece of art can change a room instantly. Shop around for art that speaks to you and find the perfect spot for it in your bedroom (over your bed being a good option).

Giving your bedroom a fresh look doesn’t have to involve tearing everything down and building from anew; little changes can make a dramatic impact. Many people are exhausted right now, even when spending time at home, and a change to your environment can make a huge impact on your mood. 

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