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3 Home Bar Essentials

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Having a home bar is a really nifty thing to have for those that are into their hard drinks, and those who like to send their taste buds on interesting flavor holidays too. Drinking isn’t all about getting drunk, there’s so many decadent flavors and tasting notes that are best provided through hard drinks like liquors and whiskeys and rums, meaning that your home bar is a great place to explore the world of cocktails and spirit. 

A good bar isn’t just well-stocked on alcohol though, many features of a home bar make one great, which can be considered essentials that every bar needs to elevate it and turn it into the best home bar imaginable. As well as having plenty of bottles of produce, fresh fruit, and measures, here are some items you wouldn’t have necessarily considered to make your bar awesome. 


Cigar Cutters

Cigars are one of the finest luxuries and is a great tool to help you unwind and relax, especially alongside a nice chilled whiskey. There’s a lot that goes into making a quality cigar, such as storing it correctly and keeping it suitably moist, but perhaps one of the most essential tools for these items is a cigar cutter. These devices are used to help shape the cigar and cut off the ends so that they can be smoked properly and make a great accessory to class up your bar. 

A cigar cutter isn’t going to be used every night you’re in the bar, but it’s a great thing to have as it gives you the option and makes cigar smoking really convenient for when you want to. Cigar Cutter Expert is a great destination to find the best cigar cutter for your bar, as they also provide tips for those new to cigars so that you can get into this leisure activity that’s perfect for a cozy night in the home bar.


Mounted Bottle Opener

Bottle openers are essential for any bar, that’s obvious, but these devices usually go missing very easily, forcing you, the bar owner, to frantically search around your space just so that you can open a refreshing beer. The best solution for this minor issue is to invest in a wall-mounted, or otherwise stationary, bottle opener, as this way it will always be accessible and easy to use. 

Wall-mounted bottle openers can be made from oak or other wood or metal and adds a nice rustic charm to your bar. They can also be personalized with engravings to turn it into a nice centerpiece for your bar counter.   

Cocktail Shakers

A lot of people are intimidated by the prospect of making cocktails, but with the right guidance and recipes, cocktails are an easy and fun way to spice up your bar and make interesting drinks to impress both yourself and any guests. Some bottles are just built into a glass over ice, but to get access to those that aren’t, a cocktail shaker is vital as it allows you to mix up all your ingredients to create a nice, smooth drink. 

It’s best not to scrimp when buying a shaker, as you must invest in a quality one. Be sure that your shaker is somewhat insulated, as, without this, the cold ice would be certain to freeze your hands and could expand the metal, making it hard to get the lid off. It’s also a good idea to find a shaker that comes with all the accessories, like measures, a muddler, and an icepick.  

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