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3 tips to help you move home fast

2020 will probably go down in history as the year of the fewest house moves due to the impact of the coronavirus around the world. If you were thinking about moving to a new house this summer, don’t give up hope just yet. While house buying can often be one of the most stressful and dragged out experiences of your life, there are a few ways you can speed it up. Here are three top tips to get your dream home sooner.

Help sell your house yourself

Traditionally when people want to sell their house, they call up a realtor, hand over the keys to their home, and let them do the rest. The only problem is that most realtors will be busy trying to sell multiple properties at any one time. Who knows how much effort they’re putting into selling your home?

Just like everything in the current era, you can now help things move along quicker if you publicize it online. Make sure your house is listed on several websites and share the link to your page across social media. Search for Facebook groups in your state or use hashtags such as #forsale and the local hashtag to your area to help share it on Instagram. You could even take extra photos or videos yourself to share on these platforms and really sell the aspects of your house you know are the best.

Secure the money fast

Once you’ve found your dream home, one of the hardest steps is often securing the finance to buy it. Most mortgage lenders will want to know your income, look at bank statements, and sometimes even have a nosy around your bills. Even when you’ve dug all of them out and sent them over, it can take days or even weeks for them to review your application and even longer for them to transfer the money.

Using private mortgage lenders like Sachem Lending can offer a much faster alternative. Taking a hard money loan out with them means that you won’t have to provide most of that information. They make their decisions based on collateral, i.e., how much the new home is worth, rather than your personal situation. They provide bridge loans with immediate cash flow, so you’d have the money within days. Once settled in your new home, you could then secure more conventional financing over the coming months or years.

Declutter your life

When people view your home, they want it to feel spacious. If it’s filled with clutter, then it could be a real turn off for anybody who visits your home, or even anybody viewing photos online. Instead of trying to hide it, the best way to make your house look spacious and tidy is often just to get rid of anything you no longer need or want. Advertise it on Facebook or take it to a thrift shop. Reducing the number of things, you own now will also help speed up the packing process when you do move.


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