What to Look for in Your Child’s First Nursery


Nurseries can range from overcrowded babysitting services to nurturing and educational environments that help set your child up for success. You will, of course, need to work with your own budget and see what childcare support and hours you can receive. Once you explore all of your options and have a list of what is and isn’t within your budget, it’s time to start narrowing it all down. Try to get as many of these boxes ticked as you can, and you’ll have chosen the perfect nursery for your child: 

Aids in Personal, Social, and Emotional Development 

One of the biggest reasons to consider sending your child to a preschool or nursery is socialization. If you don’t have friends with kids of their own and your child doesn’t have any siblings, then this could pose a problem in regards to your child’s social development. Nurseries are a great way to give them the opportunity to learn and develop in these key areas, especially when guided by experts that help children form positive relationships, respect for others, and also self-confidence and awareness. 

Helps Keep Kids Active and Having Fun 

Kids need to move, have fun, and engage. Sensory play and learning how to move and trust their own bodies is a key part of development that is learned naturally through play. Nurseries are often full of the type of play that will help your child improve their motor skills, but the best nurseries also help your child make healthy choices in regards to their food as well. 

Offers an Excellent Framework to Socialize and Make Friends 

The best nurseries like Seahorse Nursery combine a healthy environment with key learning skills. One of the most important that you might not even have the resources to offer is with communication and language. Top nurseries work to help kids listen, focus, and express themselves better. 

Introduces Key Learning Areas 

Kids love to learn. Every day they learn something new, and you can use this to set them up for success in the future. Find a nursery that offers kid-friendly introductions to literacy and mathematics and the arts. They should also cover many topics that will help them understand the world better overall. 


Is Flexible 

Finally, know that you need a child’s nursery to be flexible. Despite the many opportunities to learn, nurseries and other similar options are not essential for your child’s learning. You can keep them at home and care for them until they are ready to start school. Most, of course, can’t, and often because they are busy working. If you cannot afford to send your child to the nursery every day of the week but now have flexible and remote working as an option, you can adjust your schedule. 

The same applies to pick-up and drop-off times. The best nurseries will work with your schedule, regardless of what it is. If you need to drop your kid off a little later or pick them up a little bit earlier, then get in touch and see what is available and possible. 

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