Why a Career in Health Administration Makes Sense in 2022

Health Administration

As you look ahead to 2022, it may be that a new career path is on your horizon. Switching careers or choosing your first real career is a big deal and something you want to give plenty of thought to. Picking something that speaks to your interests, skills and experience is ideal, but you also want to be sure it’s the kind of career that the marketplace requires. In other words, it needs to be a career with a future and one that is very much in demand.

If you have been eyeing the healthcare industry, the great news is that just about every job in the industry is growing and in-demand, but one you may not automatically jump to is health administration – but maybe you should. Here’s a look at why a career in health administration makes sense in 2022.

Combine Business with Healthcare

When you think about healthcare, it’s normal to think about the patient care that is provided, but there is so much more to it than that. There is also a business aspect to the field of healthcare, and it is equally important. Business management allows healthcare facilities to operate seamlessly and effectively. Sure, it’s not the same as running a typical business, but there are indeed some crossover skills and practices.

When you consider a role in health administration, it allows you to combine business management with healthcare – which are both extremely important in today’s world.

Some of the Most In-Demand Healthcare Jobs

When taking a look at some of the most in-demand healthcare jobs in Canada today, managers in health care rank high on the list. And not only are they in demand, but their average base salary is also quite attractive. By 2021, the average base salary for a healthcare manager in Canada was $76,889. That salary can of course increase depending on the employer.

But besides a healthcare manager, what other types of health administration jobs exist? Some of the more popular career opportunities can include:

  • Clinical director
  • Hospital administrator
  • Nursing unit administrator
  • Director of nursing

Depending on the type of schooling and training you have, you may also be able to take your skills and put them to use in other industries – still within the healthcare umbrella. This can include medical equipment, as well as pharmaceutical and biotechnology firms. Each of these industries looks for candidates not just with a strong understanding of healthcare, but also the ability to act as leaders and make use of critical-thinking skills. You can also work for non-profit associations, which is a whole other path.

Investors Now Looking to Get into the Industry

Another interesting development in the Canadian healthcare industry is that private investors are now taking notice and want to get into the healthcare industry. This is evident through the increase in medical devices being developed, therapeutics and pharmaceuticals. There is a real push and interest in Canadian made and produced solutions, which is causing the industry to expand at a rapid pace.

Both federal and provincial governments are also making sizeable investments in the industry over the past two years. This is largely due to the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, but the fact remains that it is an investment in the industry.

Look no further than the biomanufacturing field, which hasn’t had a presence in Canada. Things are changing, and now the country has very robust plans to grow its biomanufacturing capabilities, which requires all levels of healthcare professionals, including those with business leadership and executive skills.

How Can You Position Yourself for This Career?

So, what if you’re convinced this is the path for you? What can you do to solidify your odds of getting a job? The University of Ottawa Health Administration path is the first of its kind in Canada and trains people up for this unique career path. Finding programs that address the specific career means you’ll be able to learn the foundations and fundamentals that will automatically set you apart from the competition. It’s a great way to get your resume noticed, land you an interview and ensure you are taken seriously as a candidate.

Employers want to know you have an interest in the field but that you also have the relevant skills. You need to prove you’ve got something to bring to the table that will benefit the employer. It also shows that you’ve learned what it takes to be an effective leader in today’s healthcare landscape.

What Provinces and Cities Offer the Best Opportunities?

As for which provinces and cities offer the best opportunities for those with an interest in healthcare administration, it’s very widespread. It comes down to the speciality or the environment you wish to work in. 

For example, if you want to take your skills and get into the pharmaceutical industry, then Montreal, QC tends to be a great solution. For those with an interest in biotechnology, both British Columbia and Alberta offer some great opportunities. Medical imaging is strong in the Toronto area whereas health innovation seems to have taken hold in Waterloo, Hamilton, and Toronto. The east coast of Canada seems to have a stronghold on all things telehealth related. 

But let’s not forget that you can find opportunities all across Canada; these are just some of the more notable places at the moment.

Healthcare Continues to Be the Biggest Industry

The fact remains that healthcare is the biggest industry, not just here in Canada, but across the entire world. The past two years have shown just how important it is, and with that, it has renewed interest, investments, and excitement around it. While patient-facing jobs are important and certainly a great path to take, they won’t be for everyone. Here in Canada, there are many options, so there’s no need to feel as though you’re pigeon-holed.

So, why is a career in health administration so smart in 2022? As you can see, there are many reasons why this could be the perfect path for you. It comes down to what interests you and what your skills and strengths are.

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