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4 Ways to make the family home more functional

home more functional

When managing the family home, you need the space to be as functional and low maintenance as possible. While the best part of owning your own home is that, you can swap, redesign and redecorate at any moment, getting the basics in place seems much harder. 

As the kids get older, they’ll be running around the house, causing mayhem wherever they go: Toys left on the stairs, spills on every surface, and clutter covering every seat. Creating a safe, fun, and functional space is the key to a happy family home: And this post will highlight a few ideas to help you get there. 

Declutter disco

The first step to improving the functionality of the home is always decluttering. Getting rid of things, you don’t need and won’t need will instantly give you more space to store other items or simply more space to enjoy. 

Decluttering is a big task and something most of us will inevitably put off until the last minute. So why not make it a fun activity by hosting a declutter disco for you and the kids? Pop on some music and a disco ball, do a little dancing, dusting, and decluttering, and make the whole day productive yet fun. The kids can take control in their own rooms, helping you decide what to keep and what to throw. 

Anything that’s still in good condition can be sold in a yard sale or donated too. 

Get creative with storage

Once you’ve made some space, it’s time to get creative with storage ideas. If you’re up for a big challenge, you could renovate underneath your stairs to make room for a closet or downstairs toilet. Adding shelves to the walls is a perfect way to bring more storage into the lounge without bulky furniture. 

Placing baskets around the house will also make keeping toys tidy much easier. Teaching the kids to put their toys away or into one of the baskets around the house will help you keep things neat for when guests arrive. 

Portable seating 

For the family home, you’ll likely have a constant stream of guests – from playdates to grandparents and friends’ round for dinner parties. So, to make the house as functional as possible, investing in portable, casual seating is a great idea. Colorful bean bag chairs, floor cushions, or fold-out benches are a great way to make sure everyone is comfortable – whether it’s in the garden or cozying up in the lounge for a coffee. 

Danger spot design 

As for the kitchen, there are plenty of ways kids can get themselves into danger, so designing the space to create a through-flow for tiny foot traffic away from dangerous spots will help make the house more practical for young families. As a general rule of thumb, kitchens should be designed with the fridge, sink, and cooker in a triangle, with few steps between each. Anything else that the kids need access to (cups, snacks, juice, etc.) should be well away from these areas. 

So, with toys tidied away, an exhausting day of dancing, and additional seating covered, you’ll be able to feel at home in your house in no time. 

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