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4 Perfect Ways to Channel the Inner Artist in You

Inner Artist

For many people, the last time they really channeled their inner artist was during childhood. Whether this is due to the demands of work, study, family life, or simply having a heightened view of what it means to be an artist, it is all too common for an individual to feel artistic expression simply isn’t for them. However, this type of mindset can really limit an individual from receiving some of the valuable benefits that creative expression brings.

The psychoanalyst Josh Cohen has discussed how the natural drive of creativity is very underdeveloped in our modern society. He believes this is due to many people having a very narrow definition of creativity, too many people feel that they need to write a novel or a symphony to be making art. He concludes that a more comprehensive view of creativity will bring multiple benefits, from help with problem-solving skills to decreasing stress and anxiety levels. In light of this view, the list below outlines ways in which individuals that are new to creative expression can find and channel their inner artist.


1. Paint without Pressure

One of the most challenging aspects of artistic creation, especially to those new to the practice, comes from the intimidating blank page. Whether it is deciding on a painting’s subject or making that initial mark, a clean and fresh page can be the root cause of many postponed projects. A great way of getting around this to begin one’s artist journey is to use tools like painting by numbers kits. Companies such as offer a variety of canvases, including classic landscape scenes and the option of uploading an image and to paint a more personalized work.


2. Get Inspired

Another excellent way to channel the inner artist is to seek out inspiration. This might mean making more regular visits to art galleries, following artist accounts on social media, or even just spending more time in nature. Whatever it is that fuels you fire of creativity is something that should be continuously encouraged.


3. Turn off that Inner Critic

It is all too easy to allow that internal monologue to question every mark or brushstroke, but this can often prohibit creative expression altogether. It is natural to assess art while it is being created, but it is necessary to make a distinction between constructive criticism and judgment. Learning how to create art without too judging one’s own ability is the best way to allow the artistic self to flourish. For those struggling with this just remember what Picasso said, ‘the main enemy to creativity is good taste’.


4. Make things Social

Involving friends or family members in the artistic process will help to make the situation less intimidating. This could include sitting and painting with the kids at the kitchen table, or inviting some friends over, listening to music and drawing together. Being exposed to different skills and styles is likely to be inspiring. For those with a little more confidence, why not try and join a local painting group or life-drawing class?

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