What would you expect from a feature request voting tool?

feature request voting tool

A standard feature request voting tool is a low-effort way for you to manage and prioritize feature requests. It additionally assists you in closing the distance between your team and your customers and making more valuable products.

How would you gather feature requests at the moment? For your CRM software? A spreadsheet? Slack or Twitter? Jira? Notion? Email?

All these systems can run, but they are time-consuming, and feedback can easily get missed, essentially if you receive feedback in various channels.

feature request voting tool should obtain your life easier. All input is straightforwardly added to one internet-based board. Customers can also add feedback direct, so you don’t have to arrange this yourself.

Basic upvoting tools have poor reliability. People upvote without understanding. Mean, or ridiculous suggestions have grown more popular than thoughtful ones. You all get spam.

That isn’t the problem with modern feature request voting tools (same Rapidr).

For a beginning, your community usually is not included in people who want to be stupid, nasty, or unhelpful. Your clients want to provide you with helpful feedback to get higher value out of a product they are spending money on or giving time on. They want to do this as fast and smoothly as possible.

If safety is the main issue, modern feature request boards also do it simply for you to make your board private, through Single Sign-On or by using a password.

Accessible and quick to moderate

Feature request voting tools should be simple to manage. At Feature Rapidr, they allow unlimited team members for each feedback board so that you can share moderation with different team members.

They also let you turn off suggestions and comments if you have a private board or are very confident that you don’t want it. This makes the feedback loop easy and fast.

What can you expect from Rapidr?

  • Hosted Portal: Make your product ideation, roadmap & releases together. Tie the feedback loop in one place.
  • Authentication: Rapidr appears with a zero-config built-in authentication system. They identify users giving feedback for you.
  • Branding: Have your design compatible by keeping your brand color, header image, and a brand logo.
  • Custom Domain: Setup Rapidr to operate on your domain effortlessly. The provision and handle SSL for you too.
  • Single Sign-On (SSO): Seamlessly confirm & identify your customers and understand precisely who contributes to your feedback board.
  • Collect feedback: Generate unlimited boards to gather ideas, feature requests, integration requests, bug reports, documentation requests, or just about anything.
  • Vote: Users can vote on feedback. Identify the impact and interest of every idea. Objectively prioritize your roadmap.
  • Vote on Behalf: Allow your customer-facing team to follow feedback on your customers’ behalf without fiddling with other tools.
  • Custom Statuses: Build different statuses when tracking various types of feedback for each board.
  • Private Boards: Allow your teammates or chosen users to add internal feedback privately without the back and forth.
  • Access Controls: Select who receives to perform specific actions on the feedback board.
  • And many other features.

Rapidr assists you in establishing a collaborative and transparent culture around your product that surfaces the best ideas.

Your clients get the opportunity to show what your product needs. They feel appreciated, even though you might not make what they suggest.


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