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Five Ideas to Transform Your Home

Transform Your Home

After being stuck at home for over a year, you might be incredibly bored of the place that you currently live in. In order to make it a far more appealing place to be based, this guide has five fun ideas to transform your home completely. Ranging from big ideas to simple and small ones, they can truly make your house feel like a totally different place even if you’re on a tight budget. Read on now in order to learn about five great ideas. 

Lots of Artificial Flowers 

If you want to make the house feel colorful but do not feel up to the pressures of constantly having to water your plants, one of the best ideas around is to buy a lot of artificial flowers. They have improved a lot over the past few years and come back into fashion, meaning that sometimes it’s hard for people to tell that they are fake from afar. You can either pick them up in a department store or order them to arrive online. 

Let in Lots of Natural Light 

Natural light has proven to have lots of mental and physical benefits, meaning that the more light you can let into your house, the better. You can install French windows or a skylight, allowing the light to pour into your rooms and make it feel like a more natural place to live. If you can’t manage to let in natural light, then the second-best option is to get some nice lamps in order to create a relaxing ambiance. 

Paint the Walls 

If you want a quick and cheap way to transform your home while also finding a fun way to bond with your friends or family, perhaps it’s a great idea to paint the walls. Try and pick bright colors that pop off the wall and reflect your personality in the process. You will be surprised by how much previously drab rooms can transform with just a nice lick of paint.

Create a Home Office

Like many people across the world, you may find yourself stuck at home more often due to the effects of the coronavirus crisis. Why not, instead of working in the living room or in the kitchen, convert a spare room into a home office that will make working from home a more fun and more relaxing experience. If you have a home office, you will need to have proper air conditioning, or it could become very uncomfortable. Find a refurbished PTAC unit at PTAC4Less to make your home office more comfortable.

Create a Games Room 

If you have both the time and the money, it might be a great idea to turn a spare room into a fun chill-out zone with lots of cool games, such as a ping-pong table, pinball machine, or a games console. Deck it out with a bar area as well, and you will have the ultimate space to invite both friends and family over in order to relax and bond.  

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