4 Fun Activities for when Quarantine Ends

Quarantine Ends

Depending on where you live quarantine, lockdown, or social distancing regulations will have differed. In some areas, the restrictions are still cumbersome, while others have largely managed to avoid seeing daily life changed too dramatically. To have been confined to your home or even simply your neighborhood for many months is detrimental to mental health, and many will be keen to get out exploring once more when the pandemic subsides. These four fun activities will take you back to a time before COVID-19 and allow you to spend more time with family you may not have seen for some time.

Go hiking

If you live in a rural area, you might have been hiking every week during the pandemic to get away from the news and forget about your job that you must now work from home. However, those locked down in cities will hanker for the outdoors: fresh air, long walks and stunning scenery.

One heavily highlighted aspect of the mass lockdown has been its effect on the environment as for some months, there was a much smaller amount of littering and pollution. Witness the global recovery for yourself by taking a hike through trees or around a body of water’s edge.

Have a family meal

The number of people baking banana bread during lockdown has been remarkable. Stores sold out of flour and eggs, and in some places even loaf tins, as home bakers flocked to give it a go. Whatever new cookery skill you’ve learned, show it off to friends and family once they are allowed to visit you again.

Perhaps you haven’t had the baking bug, but still want to see family you haven’t been able to in months. When restaurants reopen, book a table – be quick – and take your time regaling lockdown tales with loved ones.


Go for a drive

In many areas, long drives haven’t been permitted. One of life’s great luxuries is a long, sometimes aimless drive with somebody close to you. When allowed, get back out there putting rubber on the road. Think about upgrading before you head out; if you’re in California where restrictions are being eased, then find a Ferrari dealer in Los Angeles and ride off in comfort into the post-lockdown sunset.


Visit a theater

Local businesses, especially in the arts and entertainment industry, need your help when the lockdown is over. Some may have had to refund tickets and fear that they won’t be able to survive the pandemic unless they reopen soon. Even when theaters and museums, for instance, do reopen, it’s uncertain how they will be able to make up for the losses suffered.

Traditional and modern private theaters alike may have bars or cafes. If it is the only safe way of showing support to them, then pop in and buy a drink. Many companies, such as private theaters will also have donations boxes or online fundraisers to help them survive lockdown. If you love local business and have missed getting out of the house, this solves two problems at once.

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