Clocks go forward: When do the clocks change this week?

Clocks go forward: When do the clocks change this week? 1260254

Clocks will go forward this week, as the first few signs of spring appear outside. Flowers are starting to bloom, trees have begun to sprout leaves, and the temperature has markedly risen, with the sun to remain out for another week.

When do the clocks change this week?

As the seasons change, so do the clocks, as they move forward to give people an extra hour of the day.

In 2020 the clocks will go forward on March 29 at 1am, becoming 2am.

The changing of the clocks officially marks the beginning of British Summer Time (BST).

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BST has also proved a divisive measure, with many people in disagreement about the practice.

Those who oppose BST believe it causes more chaos than good, with darker mornings introducing more safety concerns for commuters.

Farmers have also said the changing times make it difficult for their livestock, which has to adapt to new feeding times twice a year.

Another argument states the well-lit nature of our world makes more daylight unnecessary.

Do I need to change my phone to BST?

Daylight savings may have proved a particular issue in the 20th century when clocks were not yet able to automatically update.

In the modern-day, almost everything is connected to the internet, and any device will update itself thanks to this.

Others, including analogue, oven, car and watch clocks will not change alone, however.


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