Melania Trump news: Donald Trump’s wife toned down as First Lady in White House

Melania Trump news: Donald Trump’s wife toned down as First Lady in White House 1242069

Melania Trump became the US First Lady since Donald Trump was inaugurated as President in 2017. In the role, the former model has attended official events and launched the Be Best campaign. However, she has become more conservative and toned down in some ways.

The First Lady appears to take her style seriously and has been snapped in lots of beautiful designer looks.

She was spotted in outfits last year that totalled an estimated £193,694.

However, her style has notably shifted since she entered the White House, stylist Naina Singla explained.

Analysing pictures of Melania before and after she became First Lady, it appeared her style has become more formal.

Naina told “Melania Trump’s style has evolved a lot since she has become First Lady.


“Her style is more refined, elegant, and polished; even though it’s not super conservative, it is more conservative compared to what she wore in years past.”

Her palette appeared to be more conservative as she chooses neutral colours.

“In terms of colours, Melania loves white and black, monochromes, and vibrant colours,” Naina added.

“She loves wearing sheath dresses and is often seen belting her looks to accentuate her waistline.”

This contrasts from the outfits Melania wore before the election, Naina explained.

She said: “Melania Trump has toned down her style. She used to wear more form fitting dresses, baby doll dresses, plunging necklines, and miniskirts.

“But now we would not see her wearing such styles. She dropped her hemline since becoming the First Lady and she wears more pants and pant suits. Her look is more polished and professional.”

The expert explained Melania probably chose to change her style to reflect her new professional role.

Her conservative looks usually come with a whopping price tag and well-known brand name.

However, doing this could be causing her to miss a trick, the expert claimed.

Naina said: “In comparison to former First Lady Michelle Obama, who supported less well-known designers from diverse backgrounds, Melania’s fashion choices are more expensive and she chooses more established designers like Burberry, Ralph Lauren, and Dior.

“Melania has repeatedly stated that she wishes the media would focus less on her outfits and more on the work she is doing.

“But it could be argued that she could use her fashion choices to her advantage and to promote various causes.”


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