Daily horoscope for January 15: Your star sign reading, astrology and zodiac forecast

Daily horoscope for January 15: Your star sign reading, astrology and zodiac forecast 1228475

Wednesday, January 15, features two conflicting combinations in your horoscope. Mars in Sagittarius is making a Semi-Square with Saturn in Capricorn.

Astrologer Marina Stoichkova, from MarStars Astrology, believes this is a minor challenging aspect.

She said: “It is just because Saturn and Pluto are so close together.

“Once a planet makes an aspect with either Saturn or Pluto, they will soon afterwards make an aspect with another planet.

“Consequently, the same scenario will be repeated.

“On this occasion, you may experience some kind of restriction.

“You may need to overcome some challenge or to fight for your goals.

“So it is not always easy. You have to be consistent and to work harder for the things you wish to achieve.”

At the same time, there is a positive connection this Wednesday.

“This can additionally be an interesting influence for going on a date or just changing something emotionally.”

The Moon starts the day in the star sign of Virgo but only until 4pm GMT (11am ET).

The MarStars Astrology expert thinks this position can benefit anything relations to work.

Then, in the early afternoon, Earth’s celestial orb will shift in Libra.

This is considered to be a nice position for love and communication.

Ms Stoichkova said: “Overall, Wednesday will be great for your personal life and focussing on the balance and harmony of your life.”


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