Property: Energy bills to skyrocket according to expert – how can you save money on bills?

Property: Energy bills to skyrocket according to expert – how can you save money on bills? 1228407

Everyday tasks

“Laundry is an inevitable household task that can quickly add up to higher electricity bills, especially for larger families,” explained Richard.

“One very simple step to reduce both your energy usage and costs is to change the way you do this everyday task. Turn the dial down and wash your clothes at 30 degrees instead of 40.

“This very easy change uses a staggering 40 percent less energy and can save you nearly 50 percent on running costs. Once your washing is ready to dry, turn away from the trusty tumble dryer which costs 30p an hour to use and instead invest in a heated clothes airer that will dry your clothes at

Home interiors

Richard added: “When looking at the changes you can make around your home to save on your household bills, it’s a good idea to think about your home interiors.

“For example, lighting can have a vast impact on the look and feel of a room. However, not only can your choice of lighting affect the aesthetic of a room but the bulbs you choose can also have a huge impact on your energy bills too.

“Simply changing the bulbs in your home to LED bulbs, can save households on average £7 a year per LED lightbulb, on energy usage and the bulbs can last for two whole decades, saving the additional cost of rebuying.


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