Weight loss diet plan: Man used exercise and diet plan to shed 2st in four months

Weight loss diet plan: Man used exercise and diet plan to shed 2st in four months 1211979

After losing weight, many dieters are keen to share their results and the plan they used to slim. One man shed over two stone in months and has shared the diet plan he followed to do it. As well as losing weight, he managed to build muscle with diet and exercise.

Dieter Chris, 38, had struggled with his weight since he was young and saw the numbers on the scale creep up over the years.

He piled on the pounds with a diet of pizza, Chinese takeaways and ice-cream and working long hours meant there was little time for exercise.

When his weight has ballooned to 16 stone, Chris decided it was time to make a change and tried to slim down.

He turned to replacement shakes and focused on exercise, building a home gym and training regularly.

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However, the restrictive diet plan was too difficult to sustain and Chris put on any weight he lost.

At the start of this year, the dieter decided to slim down and looked into getting a personal trainer.

With the help of trainers from LiveUP from Ultimate Performance, the slimmer noticed results straight away.

As well as exercising more regularly, Chris made changes to his diet plan and shed nearly one stone in the first month.


He said: “The plan has had a profound effect on my life, it has helped me improve my diet, my physique, my health and has massively improved my confidence.

“My goal now is to continue with the plan and try to pack on as much muscle as I can. I’m excited to see how far we can push it!”

How does exercise help weight loss?

When trying to slim down, Britons need to follow a healthy diet plan and exercise regularly.

“Exercise is helpful for weight loss and maintaining weight loss. Exercise can increase metabolism, or how many calories you burn in a day.

“It can also help you maintain and increase lean body mass, which also helps increase the number of calories you burn each day.”

By boosting the metabolism, slimmers will burn more calories which can help them get into shape quickly.


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