Boris Johnson’s suspension of Parliament is unlawful, Scottish court rules: Live updates

Boris Johnson’s suspension of Parliament is unlawful, Scottish court rules: Live updates 190910090949 03 boris johnson 0909 super tease 960x540

Donald Trump said last week that Boris Johnson “knew how to win.”

On his first day as Prime Minister, Johnson promised a bold new Brexit deal, bashing the “doubters, doomsters, gloomsters” and the political class who he said had forgotten about the British people they serve. It was as if an upbeat attitude alone could be enough to overcome any adversity on the United Kingdom’s path to exiting the European Union.

But Johnson’s short premiership has been characterized by a terrible run of parliamentary defeats and mis-steps, culminating in Wednesday’s ruling in the Scottish highest court of appeal that his suspension of Parliament was unlawful.

On his first day as Prime Minister, Boris Johnson promised a bold new Brexit deal. Now he appears to be running short of options. Charles McQuillan/Getty Images

His move last month to prorogue, or suspend, Parliament, effectively shortening the time available to lawmakers to block a no-deal Brexit, jolted the fractured opposition parties into action. Divided on Brexit, they were united in their opposition to what they perceived as an all-out assault on British constitutional conventions. 

Since then, the blows have kept on coming — many of them self-inflicted.

Johnson has lost every one of his six votes in the House of Commons, an unprecedented record in the modern era. Undeterred, the Prime Minister purged 21 members of his parliamentary party who voted against him, blowing apart his majority.

His refusal to reinstate those 21 MPs, who included eight former cabinet ministers and the grandson of Winston Churchill, prompted Johnson’s own brother Jo to resign as a minister and as a member of Parliament.

The six votes included two attempts to secure a snap general election — with the goal of replacing the sacked lawmakers with a new slate of candidates more aligned with his hard-Brexit views. Both were scuppered when opposition Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn refused to play along.

Now there could be more bad News for Johnson on the way, if the UK Supreme Court upholds the Scottish high court’s ruling that his move to suspend Parliament is unlawful.

Read more about Boris Johnson’s terrible start to his premiership here.

Source: cnn

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