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Hair loss treatment: What is scalp micropigmentation and can it work for men and women?

Hair loss treatment: What is scalp micropigmentation and can it work for men and women? 1165389

Hair loss treatments can range from steroid injections to hair transplants – a popular choice in recent years. But for men and women looking for another solution to pattern baldness, thinning hair and pesky scars, scalp micropigmentation is another form of treatment that works by depositing small tattoos onto the scalp in order to replicate hair growth. According to Scalp Provoco who offer the treatment, scalp micropigmentation is non-invasive, realistic and natural-looking. It’s also said to be more cost effective with instant results.

“The treatment is for virtually everyone and can be as subtle or dramatic as you like,” Ravi Sabharwal a scalp micropigmentation artist at Scalp Provoco explained.

“Some clients come to us to have a bit of depth and fullness to thinning spots on their scalp. Others get discrete scar cover-ups.

“The beauty of it is our clients don’t appear to have any kind of hair restoration work done, even from close up.”

During micropigmentation, tattooing pigments are delicately added to the outmost layers of the skin.

Everyone’s skin is different, which is why a custom-tailored look is provided for each client.

The techniques used, as well as pigments themselves, are expertly selected based on your hair type and colour, as well as the skin tone of your scalp.

Ravi said: “The treatment might take as much as two hours or as little as 30 minutes, depending on the size and complexity of the area.

“Results are instant and there is effectively zero recovery time as scalp micropigmentations are extremely low-maintenance by nature. It does however require some periodical.”

Ravi explained it’s common for a procedure to require more than one appointment.

He said: “Generally three sessions are required to achieve our signature ‘perfect’ results, as some areas of the skin absorb pigments at different rates.

“We can predict the number of sessions in your consultation to create your desired effects.

“Scalp micropigmentation results will last for years under normal conditions, however it’s colour will fade over time.

“The amount of pigment used in the treatment is variable, and if more is used, the effects usually last noticeably longer.”

When it comes to choosing whether to go with a cosmetic hair procedure to treat hair loss, Dr Andrew Thornber, chief medical officer at Now Patient, said it’s down to the individual to make the decision whether to have a hair procedure, as like any form of surgery, it can come with risks.

He advised: “Always make sure you find out what experience the surgeon has of performing these procedures. Check out what you need to do to prepare for the operation and the recovery time and how to look after the area post-operation, to ensure it doesn’t become affected.

“Scalp pigmentation is becoming a popular choice for people who have thinning hair or baldness. It offers a good nonsurgical alternative treatment for hair and scalp deformities.

“However, you do need to have the treatment every three to six years to keep on top of it.”

Ravi Sabharwal is a highly skilled qualified scalp micropigmentation artist who is experienced in delivering an exclusive, personalised service for every client. He has undergone extensive training with an internationally recognised practitioner and launched Scalp Provoco in 2018. The clinic also has a renowned microblading artist who won the London Hair & Beauty Award back in 2015.’

To book in email [email protected] or pop into the clinic (1 Harley Street, Marylebone, London, W1G 9QD) or visit the website for further information


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