Cheap holidays: Best Europe counties for the pound exchange rate – Turkey in top three | Travel News | Travel

Cheap holidays: Best Europe counties for the pound exchange rate – Turkey in top three | Travel News | Travel 1165332

Holidays might cause concern for Britons when it comes to the falling pound and volatile exchange rate. With the pound to euro rate sinking further, it’s wise to choose destinations that won’t see holidaymakers losing out when they exchange money. Voucher website Vouchercloud has revealed the countries in Europe where the pound has grown since the start of the year. Four countries in the continent saw a percentage increase in GBP value since 1 January 2019.

The best value destination of all was found by Vouchercloud to be former Soviet republic Georgia.

Georgia, a country at the intersection of Europe and Asia, has the Georgian lari as its currency.

The pound has seen an increase of 2.83 per cent against the Georgian currency since January, the rate as of today (13 August) revealed.

In close second place was Sweden, where they use the Swedish krona as currency.

The pound has improved by 2.43 per cent against the krona since 1 January this year.

Turkey came in third place. GBP has increased by 0.31 per cent against the Turkish lira since the start of the year.

Turkey has proved good value for Britons for many months. According to Thomas Cook, the eastern European country has seen a whopping 27 per cent uplift in bookings compared to 2018.

The Thomas Cook Holiday Report, released in April, stated: “Turkey has risen up the ranks to become Thomas Cook’s second most popular destination overall for Brits and a quarter of all Thomas Cook Airlines’ bookings are to this Eastern Med hotspot.”

It added: “Turkey has been rising back up the ranks of the destination league table for the last few years.”

The fourth and final country in Europe where the pound has proved better value is Moldova.

Sterling has increased by 0.07 per cent in value against the Moldovan leu currency since January.

Vouchercloud’s founder Greg Le Tocq spoke to about the findings. He said: “Despite the fluctuating value of GBP, the British public are always on the hunt for a bargain – particularly with their holidays.

“We were delighted to find numerous desirable European destinations where the pound is still going further.

“What’s especially intriguing is the range of destinations — from beach holidays in Turkey to the stunning culture of Georgia and the cities of Sweden, you’ve got so many options for a savings-conscious holiday. You just have to know where to look!”

Other countries in the top ten for good value were Iceland, Romania, Hungary, Poland, Norway and the Czech Republic.

New research by beach holiday specialist On the Beach has shown the enormous price difference in European beach breaks and UK staycations – with some holidays on the continent costing nearly £2,000 less. 

A survey proved that seven out of 10 times, the UK was much more expensive for a beach holiday than Europe.


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