Google hidden tennis game is highly addictive and here’s how to find it

Google hidden tennis game is highly addictive and here’s how to find it 1152045

Google hidden tennis game is highly addictive and here’s how to find it 468x60 club cash banner

As Wimbledon heads into its second week it seems Brits have gone tennis mad.

Google has revealed that searches for ‘tennis coach’ have more than tripled over the course of the tournament and ‘start playing tennis’ have more than doubled.

To celebrate the interest in this famous tournament, the US technology firm has now hidden a ridiculously addictive game in its search bar.

If you fancy giving it a go simply type ‘Wimbledon Scores’ into Google’s search.

Once entered, you’ll then see a purple Wimbledon results box which shows all the latest scores and day’s play.

From this interactive graphic, scroll along to the far right of the fixtures box and you’ll find a small tennis ball.

Click on it. You will now be able to play your own game without leaving your desk.

The game is pretty simple with fans using the left and right cursor to move their player into the correct position to return the ball.

However, with the ball speed getting increasingly faster, this fun little game is harder than it appears.

Along with revealing that tennis searches are up, the player that has clearly captured the hearts – and peaked the curiosity – of the nation this year was 15-year-old American ‘Coco’ Gauff, who was searched more than Rafael Nadal and Roger Federer in third, fourth and fifth respectively.

The UK’s own Andy Murry was still the most searched player this year despite not featuring in the men’s singles.

The high volume of searches were likely due to his crowd-pleasing partnership with Serena Williams in the mixed doubles, who came in as second most searched player.


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