Hand luggage: Baby food can be banned in the plane cabin in certain circumstances | Travel News | Travel

Hand luggage: Baby food can be banned in the plane cabin in certain circumstances | Travel News | Travel 1150032

Hand luggage restrictions particularly hone in on liquids and the amount of fluid taken on board, as part of standard UK airport safety procedures. This, understandably, applies to liquid baby food and mushy food taken on board for tots. Are there are particular stipulations, which are perhaps not widely known, which ban baby food from being taken onto a plane at all. These particularly apply to parents or people who might be geographically separated from their child and are flying to meet them, or following a stay with them.

Travel experts at have stated: “If you are travelling without a baby, items such as baby food and sterilised water are not allowed in hand luggage.”

Yet clarifying the odd regulation, they added: “You are, however, able to take enough of these items for the journey if you’re travelling with a baby.”

Meanwhile, the UK’s Foreign and Commonwealth website adds further insight, saying a baby must be present when the liquid food is, for it to be permitted.

Frozen breast milk, however, is ruled out entirely.

It states: “When travelling with a baby you’re allowed to take enough baby food, baby milk and sterilised water for the journey.

“There is no legal limit to how much you can take however check with your airport before you travel.

“You can carry breast milk in hand luggage even if you’re not travelling with a baby.

“You cannot carry frozen breast milk in hand luggage. Individual containers of breast milk must hold no more than 2,000ml.

“Each container will need to be screened at the security point. Airport staff might need to open the containers to screen the liquids.”

Previously, it has been revealed corkscrews are not permitted in hand luggage.

Electronic devices with no charge, no matter their financial worth, are not permitted on board if they cannot be turned on.

This may prevent a huge problem for those Travels who are running low on battery as they are about to board.

A spokesperson from added: “Ensuring everything you pack at home is allowed onto the plane is an easy way to prevent a stressful experience once you reach the airport.

“Some items you might not think as a problem when packing, but when safety is considered it becomes clear why they aren’t allowed in hand luggage.

“Having items removed from you and potentially being handed a fine is not how you want to start, or end, your trip away.

“Each airline may have different restrictions, so it’s important to check every time you fly.”


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