Melania Trump new: Donald Trump’s wife had instant connection with US President

Melania Trump new: Donald Trump’s wife had instant connection with US President 1142113

Melania Trump married her husband, Donald Trump, 73, on 22 January 2005 in a ceremony which cost an estimated £1.9 million. Since the big day, which took place at Donald’s Mar-a-Lago estate in Florida, they have had one son together, Barron Trump, 13. Melania and Donald’s relationship has attracted a lot of attention since he was elected as the President on the United States in 2016. Despite having a huge age gap, they have stayed together for over 20 years and Melania opened up to reveal why she was first attracted to her husband.

Melania and Donald reportedly first met at a party in a nightclub when Melania was 28-years-old and Donald was 52-years-old.

Even with the huge age gap, they have stayed together ever since and Melania revealed what drew her to Donald in an interview with Time magazine.

The former model said: “I’m not starstruck. We had a great connection, we had great chemistry, but I was not starstruck. Maybe he noticed that.”

After initially being pulled to Donald by a strong connection, she is said to have waited a week before calling him and they have been together ever since.

The US First Lady has also spoken out about Donald and the sweet qualities he has as a partner.

Speaking in an unearthed interview with ET in 2013, Melania gave an insight into the couple’s relationship.

She told them: “He is a romantic guy. It’s a different romance than maybe some other people have but he’s a very different man anyway.

“We have a great relationship and we are both very independent.

“We love what we do and that’s the most important thing. We have great quality time together.”

She also revealed what the couple like to do when they get some alone time.

Melania said: “We love to go to the movies. We love to just have a dinner, the two of us with friends.

“We love to go to Mar a Lago, spend time with the three of us: Barron, Donald, and me together – playing sport and just spending time together, no matter where we are just having a great time.”

When performing her duties as the First Lady, Melania often looks stylish and stepped out last week in an 80s-inspired pink power suit at the White House. 

Despite the intense media scrutiny, Donald has always been quick to praise his wife.

In a recent interview, Donald said: “There was Jackie O, and that’s good. But we have our own Jackie O today. It’s called Melania.”


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