WATCH: Male passenger in hysterics after very rude airport gesture | Travel News | Travel

WATCH: Male passenger in hysterics after very rude airport gesture | Travel News | Travel 1139482

Flight passengers are often full of holiday happiness at the airport gate, as they prepare to board their plane. Yet one seemed caught in the moment more than most, as he approached the airline desk. Shortly after speaking to the flight attendant, he was spotted rolling around on the floor with a huge grin on his face, in a video which has since gone viral. The reason for this has now become clear after the clip was posted on Instagram account PassengerShaming, currently clocking up 321,519 views.

It showed the man, wearing a black T-Shirt and white baseball cap back to front, in possession of the flight flight firm employee’s long black microphone.

He then proceeded to put the device to his bottom while he passed wind.

Users of the website were quick to comment on the disgusting act, with one giggling: “This airline employee let this guy use his microphone to put up to his butt and fart ‘Important Announcement!’”

Another posted: “I am speechless,” as a third urged: “Call the police.”

A user simply quipped: “I am speechless,” in response to the individual, who is seen rolling around on his back in sheer delight.

It is unclear why the airport employee allowed him to do such a bizarre thing.

It is also unknown whether the passenger in question frequently performs such an odd thing, to it was for a one off or a dare.

Meanwhile, in a completely separate incident, a man’s conduct on board a plane was put under the spotlight.

He was captured on camera in a disgusting snap which has since gone viral.

The image was accompanied with the blunt caption: “Yes this is real,” and the hashtag: “Urine problem.”

Showing a man dressed in a smart red jumper and jeans, it also captured him unable to get to the toilet before nature called.

He had his jeans undone and could be seen urinating while in his seat.

His gross actions, so far, have gained more than 12,000 likes on the photo sharing site.

Users reacted in complete horror, with one writing: “Wtf??? Wow.”

In another unexpected scenario, a female passenger twerked and swore as she was told she needed to leave the plane.


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