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Flights: The simple trick to getting your cabin luggage off the plane first | Travel News | Travel 1139393

Having to wait for suitcases on the luggage carousel is one of the most tiresome elements of Travel, whether for business or pleasure. Those who have checked in a paid-for bag, which has travelled in the luggage hold, are sent through to a separate area before the arrivals hall to collect their bags. Sometimes, if an airport has numerous flights touching down at a similar time, this wait can be particularly lengthy. There is also always the risk that the bag will never arrive on the other side.

Some Travels plump for brightly-colures cases or unique luggage tags in an attempt to better spot their belongings on the conveyor belt and get it off more quickly.

Yet a new luggage hack, revealed by, has now come to light.

It involves the simple use of a sticker – which is free and can be obtained at the airport itself.

The report stated how passengers should specifically request a ‘Fragile’ sticker at the check in desk.

They stated this can, theoretically, speed up waiting time for a bag on arrival at a traveller’s final destination.

This is because fragile luggage will go into the plane last, meaning it will then come out the other side first, and passengers have less time to wait at the carousel.

Meanwhile, in another handy travel tip to try, Thomas Lo Sciuto, a ramp worker and gate agent at a regional airport in the US, told Quora that passengers should check-in last to scoot away with their bag first.

He said: “Bags will always be loaded front to back on the bag carts so if you check in last your bags will be in the last bag cart.” previously reported how having an “ugly” suitcase could also prove beneficial.

Experts from MyBaggage have told that putting sense before style may well save a passenger from luggage stress.

They advise to plump for luggage “out of the ordinary”, which therefore may not be matching or perfectly coordinated, so it is easy to spot and less likely, consequently, to get lost.

They said: “Instead of opting for a boring black case, pick a bright colour – sometimes, the uglier the better.

“You could go even further by choosing an unusual shaped case too.”

They added splashing a suitcase with stickers or unusual handle grips could also do the trick.

The travel gurus additionally suggested to “go weird and wacky” with luggage as well as coloured tape.


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