Kevin McCloud: Grand Designs: The Street host reveals tips for building a house

Kevin McCloud: Grand Designs: The Street host reveals tips for building a house 1125671

Kevin McCloud: Grand Designs: The Street host reveals tips for building a house 468x60 club cash banner

Buying or selling a house can be a stressful time for anyone, and some people may opt to design and build their own house in order to get the perfect property.  Presenting on Grand Designs since 1999, Kevin McCloud has seen many people take on unique and elaborate architectural homebuilding projects.  From watching others and pulling on his own expertise, the TV star has grown a wealth of knowledge and picked up on certain tips which could help those hoping to design their own property.  When it comes to building a house, working with the right people and being prepared are two of the most important factors, Kevin revealed.

The presenter grew up around design and Kevin found his own love of construction and buildings by watching his dad constantly working on different hands-on projects.

Although it can be very rewarding for homeowners to design their own property, Kevin revealed it is not always easy.

Kevin told “I think in terms of types of buildings, I get most astonished by those that haven’t been bought but have been made.

“To watch someone ensemble something from bits they’ve bought from the shop is very interesting.

“I don’t want it to go badly. I want to show the best possible building.”

The presenter revealed it is important to prepare as much as possible, but to keep in mind it will not always go to plan.

He said: “If there is one tip I would give it would be to prepare. Prepare for three years even if you only have one year.”

Once homebuilders have planned their project, they should also be aware that it will be a emotional process, Kevin said.

“The thing is, no matter how well planned it is, it will always be stressful, do not think it’s a walk in the park, it will always be hard work,” Kevin told

“You can mitigate the risks, you can reduce them, but it will always be a great emotional heartbreaking journey because it’s their lives.”


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