Mexico holidays: Why eye contact could land you in trouble in certain areas of Mexico | Travel News | Travel

Mexico holidays: Why eye contact could land you in trouble in certain areas of Mexico | Travel News | Travel 1122645

Holidays to Mexico are hugely popular thanks to the famous food, beaches and sunshine the central American country offers. However, tourists to Mexico have to be careful when it comes to etiquette. With a different culture, Travellers may accidentally end up making a faux pas and insulting locals or worse. Research from tailor-made holiday specialists,, revealed 90 per cent of respondents do no research on local etiquette before they travel – and this could backfire if they’re not careful.

One thing Britons should be aware of is that eye contact is rude in certain parts of Mexico.

For instance, according to website Mexconnect, if a man makes frequent and direct eye contact with another man it is thought to be aggressive.

It is considered more respectful to not make direct eye contact.

Eye contact is a particularly tricky subject between people of the opposite sex.

If a woman makes direct eye contact with a man (or vice versa) it is considered as flirting.

However, in other areas, Mexicans can be extremely tactile and often greet with a hug and a kiss.

What’s more, Britons should be aware that Mexicans generally stand much closer to each other when having a conversation.

Maintaining too great a distance could be seen as being unfriendly or standoffish.

Food is a huge part of Mexican culture and, if it is offered to you, be sure to accept it to avoid seeming rude.

It’s also a good idea to compliment your host’s cooking – whether you’re a fan of it or not.

Tourists should also strive to keep their temper under control and not be pushy as this could be interpreted by Mexicans as being rude.

Paul Hopkinson, Marketing Director at Travelbag said: “We think people should pack in as much to their holidays as possible.

“By taking a bit of time to learn about the traditions and customs of the places they’re visiting, they’ll get more out of the experience when they’re there – and avoid potential offence and embarrassment in the process.”

Dubai is another country where Britons need to be careful with their etiquette as the culture in the UAE country can greatly differ to the UK.

For instance, you should never blow your nose while eating at the table as this is considered very poor manners. 

“Don’t blow your nose at the table but you’re more than welcome to have a good pick at your teeth,” a spokeswoman from online travel platform Almosafer told the


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