Houses for sale: 3 bedroom house listed for £3000 and you don’t need a mortgage

Houses for sale: 3 bedroom house listed for £3000 and you don’t need a mortgage 1122360

The property is situated in Crook, County Durham. A terraced house, this home overlooks a large field, located just over the road. Beyond that, in the distance, rolling hills and woodland can be seen. But, while the scenic location may be very appealing to some, it may be the low price tag which attracts some buyers.

It’s been listed on Zoopla for just £3,000.

However, click on this listing and interested parties will soon become aware that this is a part rent part buy property.

This means that buyers would need to find the £3,000 “moving in money”, and then pay £99 per week as rent.

Should you pay anything more than this cost, it will go towards the balance of the house.

The listing, which has been posted by 99Home Ltd, explains that this total balance stands at £79,995.

After parting ways with the “moving in money”, this would stand at £76,995.

The listing suggest that it would be possible to pay off the remaining balance in three to five years time, should you wish.

However, there are a few criteria you must meet.

While no mortgage is needed, you must be working, and the listing says another requirement is: “Not on benefits.”

Those with bad credit or who are self-employed will likely be eligible, as the listing says it considers there “okay”.

Inside this house there are three bedrooms, as well as one bathroom.


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