Tips for Excellent Summer Barbecue Grilling with New BBQ Apron & Grill Gloves

The heat, the breeze, and the excitement. Summer is here! You may be a newbie when it comes to grilling, or you have never really paid that much attention to the basics, its ins, and outs, or better still, you have but just want to make this summer’s grill a “by-the-book” and thus do everything right and not how you watched someone do it. This article has definitely got you!

  1. Clean the grill

A clean grill, a clean and fresh meal. If you fail to clean your grill, then you’ll risk getting the previous flavor in tonight’s dish, and you wouldn’t want your guests or family to wonder where you learned your cooking! Start with cleaning the grill, and you can do this more easily when it’s hot says The BBQ Company. Just watch it lest you get burnt.

  1. Let the food rest

Let your meat cook itself! The more you bother it is the further you’re cruising from your intended course. However, meat sometimes gets stuck on the grill and can’t turn easily. Well, don’t let this bother or tempt you to turn it. The more it cooks is, the more it’ll easily turn. Do it at least once or twice and for most parts, just let the grill do its job.

  • Don’t squeeze!

Fat is an ingredient for grilled meat, and squeezing is just equivalent to squeezing out the flavor. Don’t get carried away by the sizzling of flames that the fats cause when squeezing it out of your to-be meal.

  1. Spray bottle

A spray bottle should help with flareups and in preventing the charring of your meat. Remember that you’re grilling with the heat and not the flames.

  1. Meat thermometer

You’re not a chef, are you? If you were, you’d most likely not be reading an article on grilling tips. Therefore, don’t test the meat’s temperature with your hands cause you may fail epically. Spend a mere $10 and improve your experience.

  1. Heat it up first

Put your meat through some temperature first before grilling. It’s not advisable to put it straight on the grill.

  • Undercook just a little

Cooking doesn’t really end on the grill. You can, when your meat is almost ready, carry the cooking over. Its rise in temperature to up to a whopping 5 degrees afterwards will complete the cooking for you.

  • Let your meat rest

Once you’re convinced the cooking is finally over, give your meat some breather time. Allow it to do its magic and redistribute its tools of flavor, the juices. Neither turn nor slice it for the first 15 minutes. The wait time should be longer as the piece gets larger.

  1. Don’t over-char

You may be tempted to pass your chicken thighs or ribs through intense heat for a long period because of the thick meat and bones. Well, do not. Your cooking should commence smoothly if you do a precook for at least 15 to 20 minutes before grilling.

  1. Do not overcook with numbers

Don’t get led to overcooking as the numbers of your guests or family grow. Take it easy and keep it simple.

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