RV Tankless Water Heater Face Off – Reviewing Which One Is

the Best

Many Americans enjoy camping. At the same time, billions of Americans love having hot water, even those who are out and about enjoying the outdoors. The reason being is that while they’re away from home, they can still enjoy some of the amenities of being at home while in the great outdoors. So, what we’ve done is brought together the best of the best in an RV tankless water heater face off – reviewing which one is the best out of all of the top purchased and used tankless water heaters. This water heater guide (found here: is to help you find the perfect water heater that gives you the most efficiency on your next or future family.

  1. Eccotemp’s L10 Portable Outdoor Tankless Water Heater
    Eccotemp’s L10 heater is designed for warmer environments where water usage may be minimal, but you want to have hot water instantly, then this is the right heater. With a 1-year warranty, this propane fueled water heater is only 27 lbs. and provides about 2.6 gallons per minute of hot water. While it’s not as much as some others, it helps you also consume less water or is excellent for smaller uses. If you’re looking for a small affordable solution, then this one’s for you as its price is reasonable and you get what you will need without all the excess. It even has its own battery-powered ignition system, and its own gas hose and regulator, so you don’t need to alter your RV’s actual integrity or lines. Can be used with a standard sized propane tank with ease.
  2. EZ 101 Propane Tankless Water Heater
    EZ’s portable tankless water heater is a great addition to your RV tankless experience. You can attach it to your existing water and gas lines, and it’s lightweight, so if you need to get it into your vehicle for emergency situations it’s easy to transport. You get about 1.6 gallons per minute so this is great for single appliance use (one at a time saves more). It’s advertised for outdoor use only because the intake pulls from the surrounding air outside. It’s also Made in the USA.
  3. PrecisionTemp’s RV-550
    When you’re looking for the best bang for your buck, you need to look into PrecisionTemp’s RV-550. While it only gives about 0.5 GPM, you can easily know that you’re saving time, space, money, and your precious propane with a unit like this. It has a vented sidewall that allows for it to exhaust air and stay cool when needed. There’s a gas modulation valve that allows ignition to be quick and easy, and it’s been proven and reviewed to be the go-to for all around RV units. It measures 13.5” wide, 13.5” deep, and 14.25” high, so it’s perfectly compact for installation as well and can be taken anywhere if needed.


When you’re needing hot water for your camping experience, these three water heaters appear to be the best of the best. Why? Because they offer the best efficiency with their necessity to give you hot water. When you’re camping, many times you’re not going to need to be taking a shower while doing dishes, so these options are small enough that they’re designed for single uses at once, but they’re perfect for even taking a quick shower as well as outdoor applications.

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