eBay: Battle of Hastings 50p coin on sale for £1,000

eBay: Battle of Hastings 50p coin on sale for £1,000 1102526

Many coins are for sale on eBay, and many of these are listed for much more than face value.

Seeing the coins go for so much could persuade coin collectors that they are worth a fortune, but this may not be true.

Checking with a coin expert can help determine how much a coin is really worth before making a purchase.

The seller, “jim127_2008” has listed a “rare” 50 pence piece for a huge amount – is it worth this much?

The coin on offer has been put up for sale for nearly £1,000 and is listed for £999.99.

The whopping figure is given to the Battle of Hastings 50p coin.

Next to two photos of the coin, the seller has described the coin as “rare” and explained it is “uncirculated new”.

The coin is from 2016 and features the words “Battle of Hasting 1066” written on the face surface.

If any bidder is tempted, they will also need to pay £1.40 for the coin to be dispatched with Royal Mail 1st class large letter.

How much is the coin actually worth?

With a mintage of 6,700,000, the Royal Mint issued the commemorative coin in 2016 to mark the 950th anniversary of the Battle of Hastings.

Change Checker describe the coin as ‘common’ on their scarcity index.

What’s more, the Battle of Hastings 50p coin is actually worth just £2, according to publication Spend It? Save It? What Should You Do?.

This means potential bidders should think carefully before splashing out on this particular coin.

By shopping around, those hoping to nab the commemorative coin could pick it up for much less.

Recently, another “rare” 50p sold for over £100 on eBay – was it worth it?

It was the Kew Gardens 50p coin, which Spend It, Save It, What should you do?, valued at £100, meaning it went for around the right price.

A new Peter Rabbit 50p coin was released today, where can you get one?

Pictures have been released to show just what coin collectors can get their hands on.

Those hoping to pick one up can do so by heading to the Royal Mint website.


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