Property for sale: Sell before Brexit by listing your house on this day

Property for sale: Sell before Brexit by listing your house on this day 1100306

Property for sale: Sell before Brexit by listing your house on this day 468x60 club cash banner

The property market is one of the economies that is likely to be affected by Brexit.

Whether you think Brexit will be good or bad for the economy is here or there – but you may be looking to sell your property either way.

The best dates to list your house to sell before Britain leaves the UK have been revealed.

This weekend is the best time to list your house to sell before Brexit.

Research by for sale by owner platform,, has highlighted that this weekend is the best day to list your home for sale for the best chance of beating the Brexit blues and finding a buyer. found that while the highest number of property transactions complete during the month of August, the best day to complete on your sale is actually the 29 June according to the Land Registry records.

A whopping 18,758 sales completed on this day last year – the highest across the whole of 2018.

A comprehensive study by independent advice experts, the Advisory, found that the time frame from your first day of marketing until completion of your sale is as little as 15 weeks.

This Saturday, the 16 March, is exactly 15 weeks until 29th June, and it could mean finding a buyer despite the current Brexit situation.

If you are already on the market and have been since mid-December, the good News is that 29 March is the second most likely day to sell and provides the best chance for you to do so.

Other days that see high numbers of completion last year include 28 September, 30 November and 31 August.

To take advantage of this, list on 15 June, August 17 or May 18.

Founder and CEO of, Paul Telford, said: “Despite a wider market slowdown, house prices remain robust and transaction levels are steady and so for those willing to tackle a sale, there are plenty of buyers out there still looking for that perfect property.

“Whether you choose to sell through a traditional agent, an online agent, or save on costs and give it a go yourself, it’s important to understand the market and be realistic about your property, its price and how long it might take you to sell.

“As this research demonstrates, by commencing your property sale at the right time you can take advantage of the seasonal influences that impact the market and by doing so, you can increase your chance of selling and the time it takes to get that sale over the line.”

Best days to list your property to sell before Brexit

16 March

15 June

17 August

18 May

Why can’t you sell your property?

Overvaluing a house could actually work against potential sellers.

Ross Counsell, director at regulated property buyer Good Move, said: “It’s natural to overestimate, with valuations often mislead by an attachment to a property, but price is generally one of the main factors buyers consider, so they can be put off instantly.”


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