San Francisco SEO Marketing Experts Teach Search Engine Optimization

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SEO is a complicated thing – or is it? The answer is both yes, and no. Many people and companies make it harder on themselves when it comes to SEO, and so in that sense it is simple. However, there are many meticulous details that should be considered for a successful marketing and business campaign, and while it is science, it shouldn’t be complete rocket science. That’s why San Francisco SEO marketing experts over at teach search engine optimization to their customers, so you can know what is going on behind the scenes and so you can help yourself and become a successful partnership in which your business will thrive and prosper from.

What Is SEO Optimization?

You’ve probably heard of it, and many people have. But what does it mean other than just simple search engine optimization? You have to think about what it relates to: Design, content, back links, outsource links, keywords, social media integration and cross-referencing, and more.

So, SEO is basically the process of changing your website, so a search engine says “Hey, I like you! Let’s put you in line first!”. Sure enough, that sums it up in one sentence. But how do you do it?

White Hat SEO or Black Hat SEO?

White hat SEO comes from the actual term “white hat” which means in reference to a good person, such as the hero or positive character in a literal piece. Black hat of course, is usually referred to with villainy, and bad practices. Therefore, the two SEO terms are broken into groups. Why? Because Google and other search engines understand that people matter, and when someone uses black hat SEO techniques, they aren’t catering to personal user experience, but only to the search engine’s needs in terms of data.

White Hat SEO Practices

  • Link Optimization, Back Link Optimization, Keyword optimization, proper blog postings on both internal (on-site) and external (off-site) websites (reviews, etc.)
  • Making sure there is relevant content so you don’t need to duplicate anything.
  • Links and references are not broken.
  • Follows search engine standards when it comes to the internal code of the website.
  • Has original page titles (Google loves originality now more than ever. The more unique you are, the better).

Black Hat SEO Practices

  • Spammy content, repetitive keywords (like hidden ones by means of making the text the same as the background, or stuffing a ton of them into one paragraph) are common.
  • Cloaking the website. Website masks aren’t necessary anymore for security because the standard now is SSL.
  • Broken links, or links with content not particularly relevant to your page or your content and products.
  • Articles and blog posts that have a keyword 100 times instead of just a handful.
  • Fake or false information.

The Catch?

While black hat SEO techniques can indeed get you to the top of Google really quick, it is normally only temporary. The important part of this is to use white hat techniques, which many people can actually do themselves (such as keyword research) to save time for both yourself, and your SEO expert you may hire down the road. And you can dabble in SOME little bit of black hat SEO as long as you don’t overdo it, which has a little gray area. Don’t lie about anything, just be yourself, and follow some ethical practices and you should be fine. When it’s time you have to though, don’t hesitate to hire an SEO expert if anything is out of your scope, or you notice that your changes aren’t pulling through the way they should be.

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