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Autoresponder – The 24 Hour Business Builder

Why every successful marketer has this tool.

An autoresponder, also called a mailbot, is simply a computer program that answers e-mail automatically. It can be as simple as the setting in your e-mail that responds that you are away on vacation or more complex like the programs used by Network Marketers and large businesses to handle the volume of e-mail traffic they receive every day.

You have probably received several automatic e-mail messages and did not even realize it. When you sign up for something online or make a request to a company’s website, the e-mail you receive as confirmation is often sent from an autoresponder. It’s a simple way to automate your business.

One of the first things you need to do before setting up the tools you will be using to drive traffic to your web site is to set up your autoresponder. Having a welcome message and follow-up messages is imperative if you are serious about doing business online. The autoresponder allows you to send messages to those who opt in to your list automatically, at a set schedule.

Here’s the scenario. Bob goes to your site and opts in to get more information. As soon as he hits the Submit button, the program sends out a welcome message. “Hi, Bob! Thanks for signing up for more info! Please click here to confirm.” Once he confirms, he will receive your first real e-mail with the information he is looking for. Thereafter, Bob will receive periodic, pre-written e-mails on a schedule that you set up before he ever filled out the form on your landing page.

The main thing to remember is that your messages should not be a sales ad. Do that, and people will disengage faster than they signed on! Your purpose is to provide value, building trust as the reader gets to know more about you and your product, service or opportunity.

Your messages should be informative, exciting, and compelling. People want to read useful information, or their attention fades. If you do not sound excited (words have a tone, too!) how can you expect THEM to get excited about what you are telling them? There should be a call to action, causing them to make a decision, even if it is not right away. If you have done your job right with these e-mail messages, they will be making an Informed Decision in your favor.

There are four reasons why you need to utilize an autoresponder when building your home based business

*It is crucial to building your LIST, which is the lifeblood of your success.

*It helps keep your name, product, or service in the front of your list members. You want them to remember you, your product, or your service even if they think they have no need for you right now. By reminding your market periodically, they will remember you, like a radio jingle you cannot get out of your head!

*It serves as a reminder as to WHY they opted in to your message and/or bought your product/service in the first place. People have short-term memory, thanks to the bombardment of advertising they face every day. Remind them of what makes YOU different.

*It is like an assistant that helps close the sale. The longer they stay on your list, the more chances you have to sell either your products, business opportunity, or at the very least, the tools you use to run your business.

The long and short of autoresponders is this: If you are not frequently in touch, the interest of your prospect turns cold, and you lose money.

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