Hitler’s paintings go on sale in online auction, including possible self-portrait — RT World News

Hitler’s paintings go on sale in online auction, including possible self-portrait — RT World News 5c49e66efc7e935b268b461c

A series of watercolor paintings, dated between 1910 and 1911, are going under the hammer at a digital auction in Berlin on Thursday, each signed by one “A. Hitler.”

“Rheinlandschaft,” “Alpenlandschaft” and “Niederthal, Vent” are believed to be authentic Hitler originals, from a time predating his reign of terror as the dictator of Nazi Germany, when he was instead a 21-year-old art-school reject struggling to make ends meet.

Each painting boasts an estimated price of between €4,000 and €6,000 though only one painting, “Alpenlandschaft,” has received a bid so far in the ongoing online auction at time of writing. Some believe the character in the painting may, in fact, be the future dictator and scourge of Europe himself.

The signatures on the paintings match authenticated versions of the German dictator’s handwriting.  

“The specimens have been thoroughly examined and compared to real, verified pieces,” handwriting expert Frank Garo told the Daily Mail.

In October 1907, a young Hitler applied to the Vienna Academy of Arts to study painting but was ultimately rejected. He would later earn a living by making copies of watercolours for use on Viennese postcards.

Hitler’s pre-Nazi artworks are periodically sold at auction though Nazi-era symbols and artworks are forbidden from sale under German law. A watercolor of Neuschwanstein Castle, also initialed “A. Hitler” sold for €100,000 at auction in 2014.

The paintings are being sold by Auktionshaus Kloss having been consigned for sale from a private collection, previously purchased from an Austrian estate.

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“I’m surprised that these paintings are going on sale in Germany as I understood Germans understandably don’t look favourably on people benefiting from that kind of material,” Michael Liversidge, Emeritus Dean of Arts at the University of Bristol said.

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